Alexa got an upgrade – the Echo Studio might be Amazon's most stylish smart device yet

Amazon release the Echo Studio and it might just be their most stylish smart device yet

Amazon Echo Studio
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon have announced the launch of the Echo Studio and we think it might be their most stylish smart device, yet. As well as making an aesthetically appealing addition to a home, this latest member of the Amazon Alexa family offers users an enhanced audio experience.

Designed to house Alexa – Amazon's infamous smart assistant – the Echo Show be welcome in any modern home. While it comes with a slightly steeper price tag than we've seen from other Amazon devices, it's certainly worth the investment if you're looking for a quality piece of kit. Discover everything you need to know, below.

Amazon Echo Studio

(Image credit: Amazon)
What is a smart speaker?

A smart speaker is designed to enable users to interact with their smart assistant. Using the microphones embedded within them, it's easy to ask questions, or instruct your smart assistant to perform a specific task.

So, what does the Amazon Echo Studio offer users? Here's everything you need to know:

Stylish smart home hub

Smart speakers are designed to play music and house a smart assistant. In the case of the Echo Show, that's Alexa. This particularly stylish model is perfect for those who don't want to sacrifice design for the sake of technology.

Built-in Zigbee

With built-in Zigbee, it's super easy for users to control their entire smart home system from one, central location.

Immersive 3D audio

Aside from housing Alexa, the Echo Studio offers an impressive audio experience in its own right. Designed with five built-in directional speakers, it has been purposefully engineered to create premium sound with space, clarity and depth.

Sense the acoustics of a space

Designed to sense the acoustics of a space, the Echo Studio automatically fine-tunes audio playback in a bid to deliver optimal sound. This enhances the audio experience.