'Alexa, close my blinds please' – now you control your window treatments with your voice

The future is here... create the right lighting and privacy settings with a simple voice command to your blinds

electic blinds

Blind and shutter manufacturer Thomas Sanderson is launching a new blind that is fully compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa Home Assistant and Google Home. 

The PowerView app allows you to create personalised settings, known as ‘scenes’ so that you can maintain your ideal ambience all day, with a simple voice command. It also lets you pre-program your favourite positions, so that after dark, a simple ‘Alexa, move blinds to evening scene’ closes your blinds for you.  

What’s more, the PowerView app allows you to control your blinds from anywhere in the world. This is handy for discouraging burglars by giving the impression that someone’s at home.

The system has already proved to be a life-changing and crucial addition to the home of Mr Tyler, who suffers with Motor Neurone disease. The voice-control blinds have given him the freedom to control his space and create privacy. 

So, as well as being a convenient option which maximises security, they are also important for giving a degree of independence back to people with disabilities.