Aldi is selling a perfect dupe for Mrs Hinch's go-to window cleaning gadget that leaves glass gleaming

Banish those streaks for good

aldi electric window cleaner
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One of the hardest tasks around the house is cleaning the windows, especially on a bright, sunny day. However, the new Aldi electric window cleaner promises to make short work of shiny surfaces and is an exact dupe for Mrs Hinch's Window Vac.

Instagram cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch recently shared how to clean a bathroom on her Instagram stories. In it she demonstrated how she uses a window vacuum cleaner to remove smears from glass surfaces.

Posting to her Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch revealed that she cleans her glass shower screen with a spray bottle of her own mix of water and dish soap, and a Scrub Daddy sponge. Then, she takes a window vac in a straight, downward motion to remove the product, leaving the glass so clean you can barely tell it's there.

Aldi's electric window cleaner

electric window cleaner

Easy Home electric window cleaner, £19.99, Aldi

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Aldi's Easy Home Electric Window Cleaner promises to work just like Mrs Hinch's window vacuum. However, there is one big difference between Mrs Hinch's window vacuum of choice and Aldi's - the price. While the Vileda Window Vacuum that Mrs Hinch uses comes in at a cool £52.42, the Aldi version is just £19.99. That is less than half the price!

Aldi's electric window cleaner has a wide rubber lip with a suction nozzle. The rechargeable battery will run for around 40-45 minutes and will flash when it’s running low. It has a detachable wastewater tank for emptying out the dirty water after use and comes with a spray bottle and microfibre cloths.

This is one investment you won't regret. For less than £20 the clever electric tool will make short work of windows, mirror and even cleaning grubby bathroom tiles.

electric window cleaner

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Real Homes asked cleaning influencer Mrs D for her thoughts on how to clean windows. For streak-free windows, she recommends deionized water. ‘You may swear by a certain window cleaner, but I bet you always have streaks,' she says.

'Even if you only see them when the sun hits your windows. Put down your normal glass and window cleaner and try deionized water! You'll never look back and you will always have crystal clear windows and mirrors with no smears.’

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Windows need to be cleaned inside and out regularly to keep them looking clean as they pick up watermarks and grime from outside. Many cleaning fans laud the simple combination of a drop of dish soap, hot water, and a squeegee. Alternatively, you can use window cleaning products, or a small amount of white wine vinegar in a spray bottle. Cleaning experts recommend working in an S-shape.

The Aldi window cleaner is currently available to order online, with delivery estimated from the 14th March.

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