A washing machine that means we don't need to iron? Count us in

Hate ironing? Get a washing machine that promises to cut down on creases instead

Could new washing machine technology from Beko mean we don't need to iron anymore?
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Haters of ironing rejoice – the latest washing machine tech from Beko could make your iron redundant. The company has developed a SteamCure function that promises to make your laundry softer and reduce creasing.

Beko machines with the SteamCure function release water vapour from the bottom of the drum during certain cycles. If this is released at the start of the cycle, it softens dirt, making it easier to remove. If it's released at the end of the cycle, it makes the laundry softer and reduces creasing.

It's the latest in a long line of washing machine developments, including drawers that allow you to pop in items you've missed mid-cycle, and smart sensors that work out what type of fabric you’ve put in, the amount of clothes and then select the right wash cycle for you.

Most washing machines now also come with smart functionality, that allows them to be controlled via an app. For our no-nonsense beginners' guide to smart washing machines and how they work, watch the latest episode of the Real Homes Show – just skip to 13 minutes 35 seconds.

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