5 Prime Day essentials for parents panicking about the school holidays

There's no inflatable, smart babysitter you can control from your phone, but these buys will keep your kids happy. And breathe...

DOOKEY Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat
(Image credit: Dookey)

School holidays are upon us (why does it seem to creep up on us every year?). Happily, Amazon Prime Day coincides with the end of term so you can think to yourself: 'Oh... it's school holidays...' then 'Oh! It's Amazon Prime Day!' and bag yourself a few child-busying, kid-pleasing bargains to keep them out of your hair for at least some of the time. These bargains SHOULD help them expend some energy and a couple will keep them cool during the hot weather, too. You're very, very welcome.

Dookey Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat: £20, apply 20% voucher
OMG, how much do we love this idea? This easy to set up splash pad will let your kids get wet and splashy out in the hot sun. All you need to do is connect the water intake valve to your garden hose and adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. It's 170cm in diameter. Love it.

Swingball: was £24.99, now £16.99
Yay Swingball! Good clean, tiring, aggression relieving fun. And they'll enjoy it too... Also, they can't lose the ball, and they can play it in pairs or on their own. No more 'but I've got nothing to do!' thank you!

Xbox One S 1TB Console/ Fortnite: was £293.97, now £199.99
This bundle's selling out fast: the Xbox One S 1TB console with Fornite Battle Royale special edition bundle + Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 + official Xbox One chat headset (Xbox One) will keep them quiet (noisily) when the weather's rubbish – from now to beyond Christmas, that is.

Intex Swim Centre family pool: RRP £34.92, now £17.99
Hot weather's coming so it makes sense to have a paddling pool – and a good one, right? This one's at an AMAZING price for what you get: there are built-in inflatable seats (for parents, we reckon), two drinks' holders (ditto) and a floor plug for easy draining. It measures W2.29m x D2.29m x H66cm. 

Unigear Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf: was £15.99, now £11.79
Got a Nerf gun enthusiast? Kit them out with the Tactical Vest Kit for summer battles. It comes with 40 refill Darts, one reload clip, one pair of protective glasses (a must-have), one bullet strap, one face tube mask and one wrist bands. They'll get tired just putting it all on. Fingers crossed.