5 Amazon Prime Day Deals for Brexit Remainers

Do you like a deal? Well, it’s these deals or no deals. Whatever happens one thing we can be sure of is that Amazon Prime Day can sort us out with these offers

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Depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting on, come October 31st and Brexit Day we’ll either be ruling the golden waves or going to sea in a sieve. And if you subscribe to the more negative/realistic/remainery view – well, now’s the time to start stocking up for the inevitable food shortages and panic ahead. 

Luckily, there’s lots of great Amazon Prime Day for remainers staring a self-sufficient future in the face when the shops are out of stock. Here’s our pick of the best deals to stock up now.

Do you take a different view? Our Brexiteer’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day should enable you to bring in Brexit Day with a cheer. Find it on our news page.

1. Tea Bags

Us remainers are, of course, distinctly cosmopolitan with our drinking habits but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a lovely cup of tea. You won’t have to worry about forgoing your afternoon reviver for a long time thanks to this whopping 82% saving off a bumper pack of fruity tea bags.

English Tea Shop Fruit Tea Bags x 72 | Was £12.14, now £2.14
Save 82% on these fancy pants tea bags. Britain might be falling apart but you will go down on this sinking ship with a calming fruit tea.

View Deal

2. Sustenance

Shops running out of fresh food? Not so keen on the chlorinated American chickens for your daily protein hit? Embrace the dystopian future and survive on nothing more than these high protein bars – well, for 12 days at least, but you get the picture. At least you’ll be able to build some muscle in our new survivalist state – it’s dog eat dog out there.

Millionaire Shortbread High Protein Bars Was £24, now £9.99
Each bar weighs 60g and you get 12 in the box. And in delicious (Maximuscle Promax) Millionaire Shortbread flavour you can be reminded of when we were rich and Scotland was still happy to share shortbread with the rest of the UK.View Deal

3. Loo roll

Let’s face it – no deal Brexit looks pretty miserable. If our quality toilet paper supplies fall away too, and we’re left with nothing more than the kind of tissue you might find on a whaling vessel – you’ll be glad you took up this remarkable stockpile-tastic offer of 54 rolls for under £20.

Andrex Supreme Quilts Tissue | Was £34.50, now £19.99
Fifty four rolls of supreme quilts – because your bum deserves luxury, even in hard times.View Deal

4. Anti-bac wipes

Healthcare is one of the biggest sectors under threat thanks to a no deal Brexit – we’ll have no nurses and our medicines will be reduced to homespun Victorian treatments. Leeches, anyone? Make sure, then, that you minimise the risk of infection by investing in this huge bumper pack of antibacterial wipes. At our strict one-wipe-per-clean strategy, you’ll have a clean and bacterial-free home for eight and a half years.

Biodegradable Dettol Antibacterial Wipes | Was £30, now £9.89

Save 67 per cent on these wipes. There are 450 in total (five packs of 90), but remember to use them sparingly...View Deal

5. Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate

Yes, the upbeat name may grate, but perhaps the only way to survive a no-deal Brexit and Boris Johnson premiership is chocolate. And lots of it. This Celebrations Bulk Case should keep you going through the darkest of evenings and see you through those grim rainy English coastal holidays you’ll now be going on for the rest of your days. At least you’ll be able to cheer yourself up knowing you’ve saved 30%

Celebrations Chocolate Bulk Case | Was £20.70, now £14.49

Save 30 per cent on this 2.4kg case and scoff away. In Brexit Britain Celebrations are a necessity year-round, not just a Christmas treat.View Deal

Or splash out on these Amazon devices and hope Alexa has the answer to Brexit survival...