3 best hacks for cleaning windows without streaks

This is the only tip for how to clean windows without streaks you'll ever need

How to clean windows without streaks
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Want to know how to clean windows without streaks? Let's assume your windows aren't very dirty – if you need to deep clean, consult our comprehensive guide to cleaning a window – but just not looking their best, and you want to give them a quick, streak-free spruce up? Achieving a streak-free finish is easy – but there are a couple of things to get right.

1. Use distilled water

The most common reason for streaky windows after cleaning is hard water. Hard water contains minerals that will deposit onto your window panes, creating unsightly streaks. Always used distilled water for cleaning your windows – it's easy to get from convenience stores and even corner shops. 

2. Use vinegar or rubbing alcohol

Vinegar is the perfect ingredient for streak-free windows: simply mix one part distilled water with one part vinegar, then pour into a spray bottle. You can also use rubbing alcohol (just a couple of tablespoons in your water will do), and even a combination of all three. 

3. Don't use paper towels 

Paper towels will inevitably deposit lint onto your windows, ruining the cleaning job. However, there is one type of paper that's fine to use on windows: newspaper. Just make sure that you use traditional sheet newspaper, not the glossy paper they use for weekend supplements. Alternatively, use microfibre cloths or a squeegee. 

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