Growing lettuce and more from nothing but leftovers is easy. Here's how...

Find out how growing lettuce, celery and tomatoes can be done using nothing but scraps on this week's Real Homes Show

How to grow salad from scraps
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Looking for some lockdown entertainment that doesn't involve baking, working out or crafts? Yep, we are a tad tired of being productive all the time too, which is why this week's Real Homes Show couldn't have come at a better time. We've got a very handy two-minute guide to growing your own salad basics, including how to grow lettuce, celery and tomatoes, using nothing but leftovers – genius! Watch the video and then check out the simple step-by-step guide below.

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1. Growing lettuce from scraps

Instead of throwing out leftover lettuce leaves, simply place them in a bowl with a bit of water in the bottom. I like to keep old jars or cut the tops off plastic drinks bottles for this. Keep the bowl somewhere that gets plenty sunlight and after three or four days, you’ll notice roots beginning to appear along with new leaves. When this happens you can move your lettuce to soil. Plant in a sunny spot in rich soil so that you just cover the roots. You can pinch off the outer leaves and eat them as the lettuce grows, or wait for them to reach six to eight inches tall.

grow your own salad from scraps

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2. Grow your own celery from leftovers

Celery is one of the easiest foods to grow from leftovers. Just cut off the bottom of your celery and lay it in a bowl with some warm water in the bottom. Keep the bowl in direct sunlight and after about a week, you will begin to see the leaves thickening and growing along the base. When this happens, you can plant your celery in a sunny spot. Again, make sure the roots are covered in soil and water regularly until its big enough to eat.

grow your own celery from scraps

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3. Plant your own tomatoes from scraps

Tomatoes can be grown by saving some seeds, rinsing them and allowing them to dry. Plant indoors in rich potting soil and water regularly until the shoots are a few inches high, then move them outdoors. During cold weather you can grow tomatoes indoors – just keep them in an area that gets lots of sun and water a few times each week.

grow your own tomatoes from scratch

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