These Ikea lighting hacks will give you a designer look on a budget

Love Ikea lighting but want to give it your own stamp? Check out these super easy, super affordable hacks...

Ikea lighting in a garden
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We all love Ikea lighting: it's cheap, stylish and great quality. The only problem you face is, as with anything you buy from Ikea, it's not the most... original. But fear not, you can still inject some of your own personality into Ikea lighting – all it takes is a good hack! We've trawled Instagram for some super easy, super effective ideas to get you inspired...

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1. Spruce up your Sinnerlig 

Can you even scroll through Instagram anymore without seeing this light!? It is everrrywhere, but we of course love it (in fact half our team are proud Sinnerlig owners). So how can you go about making it a bit different from the sea of bamboo you will find on social media?

Stephanie at casawatkinsblog has made it her own really easily just by threading on a few tassels. You can pick up this sort of thing in department stores really cheaply, we are talking pennies! Or go online: Hobbycraft sells a pack of eight tassels for example. You can add as many as you like, keep it minimal as seen below or go to town and cover your Sinnerlig light in tassels!

Something as simple as switching out the cord could also make it look just a bit different. Dee Campling changed hers to a lovely bright red which adds the perfect pop in her otherwise pretty neutral scheme. You can buy fabric covered lighting cables in a rainbow of shades at Not on the High Street

Or you buy a load and create a kind of Sinnerlig chandelier...

2. Revamp a Regolit

A classic right here. The Regolit is one of those longstanding Ikea products, loved by renters and landlords alike, most people have lived in a home with a Regolit at some point. Their popularity probably has something to do with the fact they are sooo cheap. We actually love them as they are, but you can give them your own twist with some paint! Get creative with your paintbrush or use stamps to create your own design. Loving the monochrome effect of the ones below...

3. Vamp your Ikea lighting with Valter

Pretty sure we are going to run out of Ikea based alliteration soon, but for now, moving on to the next hack! The Ikea Ekby Valter brackets are loved by all, and they can do way more than just hold up shelves. Check out these lights! Simply wrap a light cord around the top of the shelf and thread it through the already existing hole and, hey, the perfect space saving bedside light. 

4. Retouch your Ranarp 

Yes! Still going strong! We love the classic look of the Ranarp; however, it does only come in black and white. But thanks to the magical, lampshade-changing qualities of spray paint, you can make it any colour you fancy! We are loving the salmon pink in this oh so Scandi dining room (Pssst for more Scandi room ideas head over to our feature). 

#helasverigehackar @ikeasverige #ranarp Från vitt till laxrosa Åsa Elmstam

A photo posted by @asaelmstam on Mar 7, 2018 at 4:14am PST

5. Breath life into your BLÖTSNÖ

Hey look at that, the Ikea alliteration kept going right until the very end. Everyone loves festoon lights, used inside or outside, they add a lovely glow to your space and thanks to their oversized bulbs, make a bit of a statement too. Ikea's version are really affordable, so it makes sense that everyone and their mums has a set. Give yours an upgrade by making them part of a 'living wall' (or loads of hanging plants stuck together) and add in some macramé plant pots holders for even more of a boho vibe. 

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