I've handpicked 6 stylish TV stands that would be perfect for small apartments

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If your TV stand has seen better days or if you've just moved into a new apartment only to realize that there isn't one, then I am here to help with your lounge woes. A TV is arguably the most crucial part of any living room, which means that where you place it is even more pivotal. 

Some of us have the luxury of mounting it to our wall, whereas others might need to rely on a TV unit. Which really isn't that bad when you think about it. You might lose a little floorspace, but that's not a bad thing if you can use yours to hide clutter and organize any media items that just aren't that pretty. Because from tangled wires to the silly number of remotes you have (but never use), you know you don't want those on show.

Maybe, like me, your TV is already mounted to the wall but you want a unit to sit underneath it and hold your record player or some speakers? If you've not already guessed, a TV unit is a super versatile piece of furniture so if you invest in quality now, you'll still be reaping the benefits in 10 years. I've put together a collection of my favorite TV units for small spaces just below. Whilst sticking to a budget of $350 and making sure they add only style (and storage, of course) to your space. We've got plenty more living room storage ideas where these came from, so if you're after more ways to keep your space tidy then you know where to go afterward.

Our favorite TV stands to buy for small spaces

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5 things to think about when choosing a TV stand

When shopping for a new TV stand, there are five main factors and features you'll want to consider:

  • The height: There is nothing worse than your neck moving to one uncomfortable and awkward angle after another, whether to enjoy a feature film solo or with pals. Avoid all of that by choosing a TV stand that will keep the screen at a comfortable eye level for all. The best way to measure up is to use a pencil to mark up your natural eye line on the wall where your TV and stand would go. Take away the height of your TV or laptop from that level and that should roughly be what you're working with. 
  • Matching the TV size and width: Another potentially plaguing issue would be having a TV that matches your stand's width but not the height (or vice versa); make sure both lineup. 
  • Complementing your room's style and layout: This is more about personal preference, but it's best that if you want to keep your living room decor in line with your TV stand, to find one that complements everything else, including the furniture and how it's set out in your lounge space. Next, nod to the room's aesthetic. If you have a rustic vibe, you might gravitate towards a wooden base, whereas if mid-century modern is more your thing, you might want something with clean lines and an abstract pattern. 
  • Pick the correct material: Again, you want everything to be cohesive; so if you have wood visual throughout, gravitate towards a wooden base, or if you have metal, stick with metal. With that said, the best TV stand can also add some much-needed style to your room, so you can go completely out-of-the-box here, but it's all personal preference. 
  • Plan for storage and organization: If you have lots of items you are looking to hide (or keep out of plain sight), a larger-scale TV stand with plenty of cubbies, drawers, and doors, will be what you need. 

What else?

If space is at a premium, go for a TV stand with storage, such as drawers or shelves. Otherwise, you could go for a modular design where you can add or take away storage elements, depending on your requirements. What's more, you can easily find corner consoles that fit perfectly into otherwise unused space, leaving you more room to sweat along to that exercise video. If your TV is in the corner of your living room, a corner TV stand or unit will be the most sensible choice.

Be sure to confirm the maximum supporting weight of the console. If you have a huge television, then go for something on the larger side or, at the very least, a sturdier selection.

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