Best TV stands: 5 classic choices for clutter-free viewing

Streamline your gadgets, with the best TV stands to maximize viewing experiences and reduce clutter.

Rely on the best TV stands this holiday season for a festive clutter-free experience
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Having one of the best TV stands in your home isn't just something that should be on your want list, but your absolute need list. Whether you are an avid watcher who hosts repeatedly around the best TV, or simply looking to optimize space during the holiday season when decorating, one of the best TV stands will do everything and more. 

Perfect for holiday hosting or watching Sunday afternoon football, residents (or guests) in your home will constantly be looking at this console as frequently as they look at the screen, meaning you're going to want to buy something that is both functional and fashionable. But finding said focal point is no easy vice, and that's where our team comes into play. 

From investment staples to affordable alternatives, we've rounded up the best TV stands that will pass the test of time — or at least the very least, the holiday season. 

The best TV stands according to our team

the best TV stands for Ikea lovers


This versatile modular unit is the best for trickily configured living rooms

Best for: Storage
Dimensions (H x W x D): 1280 x 2400 x 400mm (for this configuration)
Materials: Particleboard, fibreboard, metal, glass
Max. Screen weight: 123lbs
Reasons to buy
+ Customizable modular configuration + Lots of storage 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the most robust 

Like all things IKEA, the BESTÅ is fabulously customizable, so it’s our best pick for tricky spaces. It adds a ton of storage (exactly how much is up to you, of course), with drawers and shelves aplenty, plus minimal doors to keep it all out of sight or glass doors to show it off. 

the best TV stands for sleek living rooms

This corner TV stand offers a lot of storage in a small footprint

Best for: Corners
Dimensions (H x W x D): 520 x 1084 x 450 mm
Materials: Wood, glass
Max. screen weight: 88lbs
Reasons to buy
+ Fits into corners + Ample storage 
Reasons to avoid
- Attracts dust and fingerprints 

Sure, this is a compact model, this is one of the best TV stands which is capable of supporting a sizeable television (up to 55 inches). The futuristic-sounding TECHLINK Bench B6B has our vote for the best corner TV unit. Like the Alphason Chromium, it has stylish glass-fronted doors to keep your router and TV boxes out of the way and free of dust. Also, unlike Chromium, it has a considerable amount of storage, meaning it is a good alternative if you also store games consoles or DVD players. 

best TV stands from Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

3. Wade Logan Lauzon TV Stand

A fan-favorite model suitable up to 65' screens

Best for: Any room in your home
Dimensions: 57'' x 22.4'' H x 15.7''
Materials: Engineered Wood
Max weight: 120lbs
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Side of door pulls out+Suitable for up to 65-inch tv's

Another fantastic option for the best TV stands would be this closeout choice from Wayfair: The Wade Logan Lauzon TV Stand. Suitable for TVs up to 65-inches, this selection is made from high-grade MDF and laminate and is durable and supportive. 

The reason reviewers deem this stand "such a classy investment" is solely due to the design; the open center shelving area and the two side cabinets not only provide ample storage but can double-duty when showcasing holiday décor. Factor in the wire management holes in the back (perfect for a mini holiday tree), and consider this stand one of the best. 

best TV stands multi-colored one from Wayfair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

4. George Oliver Mapleton TV Stand

A statement-making piece showcasing bold, fun pops of colors and prints

Best for: TVs up to 60-inches
Dimensions: 62.2'' W x 19.69'' H x 14.97'' D
Materials: Engineered Wood
Max weight: 106 lb.
Reasons to buy
+Statement-making+hold up to 106lbs+Ample storage

Go ahead and consider this George Oliver Mapleton Stand a mid-century must-have that's suitable in any room of your home. Crafted from engineered wood, this model showcases clean lines and stylish sophistication with sleek slain legs and multi-colored geometric design. 

With a bold pop of red and blue that emphasize the already-stunning dark wood, you'll also notice the two sides open and reveal cubby spaces that provide ample storage. Pus, its handy cable management helps you organize those pesky wires. 

the best TV stands from bed, bath & beyond

(Image credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond)

5. Forest Gate Grace 70-Inch Glass Shelf TV Stand

A larger wooden selection that features glass and suitable for up to 70' TVs

Best for: Any room in your home
Dimensions: 70" W x 15.75" D x 24" H
Materials: MDF and metal construction
Max weight: 81lbs
Reasons to buy
+Four different colors+Perfect for larger TVs+Glass featured for a sleeker look
Reasons to avoid

Last but not least, is yet another midcentury must-have, only this time it's from Bed Bath & Beyond. The Forest Gate TV stand works as a suitable solution for those who need a strong foundation, available in four different shades all work great, thanks to its wooden and metal construction. 

This stand features open and closed shelving for storing media accessories, and the cut-out cord management slot keeps wires not only hidden and organized but accessible. Furthermore, the tapered legs provide support for up to 81 pound pieces and are sure to look exceptional wherever it's placed. 

All that's left to do is pair with your 70-inch TV and watch the compliments come flooding in by guests. 

How to chose one of the best TV stands? 

When shopping for one of the best TV stands, there are tons of factors and features, and we've summed it up into six important ones: 

  • Chose a comfortable height: There is nothing worse than your neck moving to one uncomfortable and awkward angle after another to enjoy a feature film solo or gather around for holiday movies with loved ones. Avoid that by opting for a choice that keeps the screen at a comfortable eye level for all. 
  • Match the TV size and width: Another potentially plaguing issue would be having a TV that matches your stand's width but not the height (or vice versa); make sure both lineup. 
  • Compliment the room's layout: Now, this is all about personal preference, but it's best that if you want to keep your décor in line with your TV stand, to find one that compliments everything else. 
  • Chose a style: If you have a rustic vibe, you might gravitate towards a wooden base, whereas if mid-century modern is more your cup of tea, you might want something with clean lines and an abstract pattern; either way: it's a personal preference. 
  • Pick the correct material: Again, you want everything to be cohesive; so if you have wood visual throughout, gravitate towards a wooden base, or if you have metal, stick with metal. With that said, the best TV stand can also add some much-needed style into your room, so you can go completely out-of-the-box here, but it's all personal preference. 
  • Plan for storage and organization: If you have lots of items you are looking to hide (or keep out of plain sight), a larger-scale TV stand with plenty of cubbies, drawers or doors, will be what you need. 

What else to keep in mind when shopping for one of the best TV stands? 

If space is at a premium, go for a TV stand with storage, such as drawers or shelves to hold your DVDs, CDs, and video games, or a modular design where you can add or take away depending on your requirements. Even better, you can also get corner consoles that fit perfectly into otherwise unused space, leaving you more room to loaf, sweat along to that exercise video, or flail about wildly as you try to beat your offspring at Wii Tennis. If your TV is in the corner of your living room, a corner TV stand or unit is really the only sensible choice.

There are a couple of practical concerns to keep in mind, too. Dimension plays a huge factor, so make sure the footprint will not be too large or too small in the scheme of your room. Still, be sure to confirm the maximum supporting weight of the console. If you have a mammoth television, then go for something on the larger side or, at the very least, a sturdier selection.

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