Get the best Sky TV deals, packages and offers 2018

We've dug out all the best Sky TV offers and add-ons. Find out what you can get for your money

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If you've just moved into your dream home, you may be wanting to sort out your home entertainment. You've got your broadband deal sorted, and now you need to get a Sky TV deal. We're here to help - we've got our eye on the ball here at Real Homes and know a great price when we see one.

Each week we take a look at the latest Sky TV packages and Sky Q box offers to work out the cheapest way of getting the best content from the long-running TV titan. We're here to help tell you find out what you're getting with the many Sky bundle options available out there.

With so many add-ons for TV, movies and sport channels to choose from, it can all get a bit hectic, but check out our guide before heading over to Sky via our handy links and you'll be able to enter already knowing exactly what you want.

What new Sky TV customers need to know

Things are much easier nowadays compared to last year as Sky has simplified the process of picking up a great Sky TV package by not painting you into a corner with multiple bundles. You begin with a flat £20 a month cost for what Sky calls the 'Sky Entertainment' package which is the base package all customers sign up for. 

From there, during the initial transaction (or at a later date if you'd prefer), you can throw in some add-ons to that deal like Sky Box Sets, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports. We'll tell you about each individual add-on that'll appear on your list of options during sign-up below.

Do I get a Sky Q box by default?

Yes! All of the Sky TV deals for new customers include a Sky Q box. You'll be asked to consider two Sky Q offers. The standard option included in the base package has 1TB of recording space and with a one-off £20 setup cost. The larger 2TB model though has a very steep £199 one-off setup cost but at least includes Ultra HD channels.

There's a cheaper way to get the 2TB model though. If you add Sky Q multiscreen (great for families or watching Sky channels in both the bedroom and living room) to your bundle for £12 a month the setup fee is reduced to £65. 

We're getting ahead of ourselves a bit though as you've not even decided what channel packages you want yet. Our advice, get those added first and you can get a better idea of how much this is all going to cost before deciding if you want the 2TB/multiscreen options. Throughout the transaction, your setup and monthly costs are tallied at the top of your screen so it's easy to keep track of how much your new Sky TV package deal is going to cost you.

Do I need a 2TB Sky Q box?

You're not only getting double the storage capacity of the standard Sky Q box (so up to 1000 hours of recording), you'll also get to watch them in glorious Ultra HD which is perfect if you're thinking of pairing it with a new TV, maybe one of these from our picks from the best 4K TVs. You do need to sign up to Sky Multiscreen to get Ultra HD though at £12 a month extra.

There are more bonuses too. You can record six items at the same time while even watching a seventh. You're also getting the fancier Sky Q touch remote control and an extra tablet allowance for an extra viewing screen - ideal for the kids.

The starter Sky TV package

Sky Entertainment | £20 setup fee | £20 a month
This is your base package, a mandatory starter pack that you need to start with and it's actually much easier this way. It works out cheaper than the old prices too, with just £20 a month being super low for what you're getting. This includes a wide variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, music and Sky Originals. Top channels include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Nat Geo Wild and more.

From here you can bolt-on extra packages from as little as £5 extra a month. This approach works much better as new customers have found that they don't end up paying for extras they don't want. So let's see what's available below and we'll go into greater detail too as Sky's site can be a bit vague.
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Sky TV Add-ons

The latest Sky TV deal add-ons are so much easier to understand than the old Sky TV bundles. More importantly, the prices seem to lower across the board and you're not forced into buying packages you don't need in order to get the ones you do.

Sky TV in HD | £5 a month
This is one of the most essential add-ons in our book for your new Sky TV package. Standard Definition (SD) can be very blurry on modern HD or 4K TVs and it's no way to watch the rich collection of shows and movies available on Sky's services. So enjoy fives times the level of detail for just an extra fiver a month. Note: this doesn't include the Sports channels, that's a further £6 a month.
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Sky TV Box Sets | £5 a month
Remember when we said the new add-ons format is cheaper than the old days? This is a prime example at £5 a month instead of £18.
Sky has an fantastic selection of over 350 box sets meaning you'll never be short of new shows to watch for a fiver a month. You can currently enjoy the new series of The Walking Dead, The Young Pope, True Detective, Tin Star, Blacklist, Ray Donovan, Westworld, Twin Peaks, Supergirl and loads more.
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Sky Cinema | £10 a month
This sky cinema deal is £10 a month, which you might be thinking is more expensive than the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime - and you'd be right. However, Sky's modern selection of movies is much more up-to-date and there's a new premier every day. There are over 1000 other films to enjoy here. Everything's in HD as standard too, going someways to mitigating the £10 a month cost. If movies are more your thing than TV, you could skip the HD add-on mentioned earlier in favour of this if you wanted.
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Sky Kids | £5 a month
Parents rejoice! £5 a month supplies over 4500 episodes of kids TV content on demand. A further 10 channels of live content ensures there's something to just leave on too without you or them scrolling for ages trying to find something. You don't have to use the TV for this too as all this content can be viewed on tablets via the app. That's right, you can reclaim the TV for the grown-ups again!
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Sky Sports | From £18 per month (18 month contract)
If you're sure you'll only be needing one Sky Sports channel then you might be better off taking a look at the rolling contract options from £18 a month further down this page. 

If you're ready for all the sports though and will be watching throughout the year then you can actually get all seven Sky Sports channels for just £20 a month. That includes Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event (for the world's biggest sporting events). HD is extra.
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Sky Sports Complete Pack | £27.50 per month (no contract), or get one channel for £18 or two for £22 a month
You don't have to sign up for 18 months of sky Sports at all though as 30-day rolling contracts are available. These do cost more a month, but they might be cheaper for you overall if you're only watching during season-specific times of the year.

One channel costs £18 a month, two is £22 or get all of them for £27.50. If anything this is a sensible option to try out the Sky Sports packages to see how much you enjoy it or if you're actually going to get your money's worth. Just note, you have to give 31 days' notice if you want to cancel.View Deal

Sky Q Multiscreen | £20 for first extra TV, £99 per additional TV | £12 a month
If you don't want your Sky TV channels to be limited to just one room in your house then you'll want to consider signing up for Sky Q multiscreen.

It's an extra £12 a month with an additional £20 one-off fee for a  Sky Q mini box for the other room. Any extra Sky Q mini boxes incur   increased one-off costs of £99 - which seems a bit harsh to us. On the plus side, signing up for multiscreen does lower the cost of the 2TB Sky Q box option to £65 (down from £199) making it the most cost effective way of getting your channels in Ultra HD too.
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Sky Fibre Broadband | 18 months | £9.95-£59.95 one off set-up fee | £20-£30 per month
Sky is turning into one of the UK's biggest broadband providers and offers very competitive rates to compliment your Sky TV deal. You'll be given the option to add Sky broadband from just £20 a month. Use the postcode checker to see what's available in your area. All of these broadband deals currently come with a free £75 prepaid MasterCard gift too.

The cheapest option right now is only £20 a month (previously £30) for 12 months and offers unlimited downloads (it used to be capped at 25GB). It's only 17Mbps, but it's excellent value at £20 a month.

£30 (down from £38.99) a month for 18 month boosts your download speed to 38Mbps with fibre broadband which is plenty for most homes as it's great for streaming, gaming and downloads.

The top tier broadband at Sky is on offer at £35 (down from £43.99) for a super fast 76Mbps connection. If you're regularly downloading huge media files or live in a busy student/family/HMO this is the option for you.
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What HD Channels do I get on Sky TV?

With all packages you get at least the standard free to air HD channels. To be honest you also get a fair few of these with standard Freeview HD.

  • BBC One HD
  • BBC Two HD
  • BBC Four HD
  • BBC News HD
  • CBeebies HD
  • ITV HD
  • 4 HD
  • 5 HD
  • NHK World HD
  • RT HD

For just an extra £5 a month you can get the far superior quality of High Definition. Once you do though, you'll get access to the following channels in HD:

  • Sky Atlantic HD
  • Sky 1 HD
  • Sky Living HD
  • Sky Arts HD
  • Sky News HD
  • Sky Sports News HD
  • Fox HD
  • Comedy Central HD
  • Syfy HD
  • Dave HD
  • Food HD
  • MTV HD
  • ITV Encore
  • E HD
  • W HD
  • E4 HD
  • Film 4 HD
  • More 4 HD
  • ITV 2 HD
  • ITV 3 HD
  • ITV 4 HD
  • TCM HD
  • Animal Planet HD
  • History Channel HD
  • National Geographic HD
  • Nat Geo Wild HD
  • Discovery HD
  • Disney Channel HD
  • Disney Junior HD
  • Disney XD HD
  • Cartoon Network HD
  • Nickelodeon HD
  • Nick Jr. HD
  • Boomerang HD
  • Alibi HD
  • Crime and Investigation HD
  • Eden HD
  • Lifetime HD
  • Star Plus HD
  • TLC HD
  • Universal HD
  • Viceland HD
  • Sky Sports Mix HD
  • Eurosport 1 HD
  • Eurosport 2 HD