5 home decor buys you would never believe are from Amazon

Hidden Amazon home decor gems? Yes, please

Amazon home decor: Pampered Pampas Natural Dried Pampas Grass in amber glass vase next to candle
(Image credit: Pampered Pampas)

Amazon is the marketplace where you can buy a bottle of cleaning spray along with a pair of socks and a hose at the same time. And, apparently, there are now lots of hidden home decor items on the Amazon website, too. So, we took matters into our own hands and have done some Amazon home decor shopping. And wow: we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. 

You'll never believe these five home decor buys below are from Amazon, as we've spotted everything from pampas grass to minimalist candlesticks, macrame shelving and so much more. Some of these buys we've seen elsewhere for ££s more – so don't miss out, and get involved before everyone else discovers these hidden gems.

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1. This faux sheepskin rug that's cheap but cosy 

JXLOULAN Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

(Image credit: JXLOULAN)

 JXLOULAN Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug | £11.29 at Amazon
This very cute faux sheepskin rug is perfect for a bedside, a nursery, a small corner or to layer atop a larger short-pile rug. You could even use it draped across a chair, to add comfort and style. It's a bargain at under £12, and it even has a non-slip back to make it stay firmly where you want it. It measures 50cm by 80cm.

2. These minimalist candleholders for your dining table...

Nuptio 2 Pcs Candlestick Holder

(Image credit: Nuptio)

Nuptio 2 Pcs Candlestick Holder | £15.98 £14.98 at Amazon
These candlestick holders are perfect for popping on a dining table, placing on a side table or adding to a mantlepiece. They can hold your very Instagrammable tapered candles whether they are twisted or plaited. They also come in a set of two – one small and one large. They are made of aluminium and they're impressively weighty so as not to fall over. 

3. Some dried pampas grass to bring the outdoors in

Pampered Pampas Natural Dried Pampas Grass

(Image credit: Pampered Pampas)

Pampered Pampas Natural Dried Pampas Grass | £22.99 at Amazon
Gone are the days of pampas grass being an outdoor-only thing, and dried pampas grass is surprisingly sought-after at the moment. This bunch is non-toxic, 100 per cent natural and included comes 40 mixed dried stems. Cut them to any size to create an arrangement, and place them inside a vase – no water needed! Give them a shake once they arrive to fluff them up and you're all set. What a bargain!

4. A body-shaped vase for flowers 

HIAO V2 Ceramic Vase

(Image credit: HIAO)

HIAO V2 Ceramic Vase | £20.99 £8.99 at Amazon
This body-shaped vase is a total bargain – we've seen similar sell for £80+. Perfect for holding flowers whether dried or fresh, while it has two handles for easy carrying. It also comes in three colours including black, while it's made of ceramic. Eye-catching on a budget...

5. Macrame shelves for a nursery

Afuly Macrame Wall Hanging Floating Shelves

(Image credit: Afuly)

Afuly Macrame Wall Hanging Floating Shelves | £22.99 at Amazon
We love these macrame shelves for a nursery – for displaying lovely home decor bits. They look 10 times more expensive than they really are, while they are great for boho homes. Hand woven with natural pine wood, they're also high-quality and they come in a two-tier option, too.

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