5 reasons Black Friday is 1000% better than Amazon Prime Day

Loved Amazon Prime Day? Here's why Black Friday is set to be even better...

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We loved Amazon Prime Day – of course we did, it was a whole 24 hours of insane sales – but we think that Black Friday is set to be even bigger and better. With loads of high-street stores slashing their prices, and with sales looking to last all weekend rather than just one single day, we think we might just love Black Friday even more...

1. You don't have to be an Amazon Prime member

As great as Prime Day was for bagging a bargain, the discounts were actually only available to those with an Amazon Prime account. Black Friday on the other hand, well that’s open to everyone!

2. It’s happening literally everywhere

While Amazon may be home to a load of other brands too, with Amazon Prime Day you were limited to only shopping on Amazon (obviously) but the joy of Black Friday is that it is literally happening EVERYWHERE. The majority of high-street stores will be taking part, including John Lewis & Partners, made.com and B&Q, and of course more shops mean more deals!

3. You can get deals on your Christmas shopping

Unless you are incredibly organised, in which case we salute you, Christmas present shopping was probably the last thing on your mind back in July when Amazon Prime Day took place. The glorious thing about Black Friday is that it is perfectly timed so you can get discounts on all your Christmas shopping. 

4. You don’t have to wait for the deals

If you took part in Amazon Prime Day this year you will remember the horror and the anguish that came with those dreaded lightning deals. The clue's kind of in the name, they would come and go so quickly that unless you were really on it you could easily miss a great deal. 

With Black Friday, no such worries (that we know of), you will have a full 24 hours, probably even longer, to shop at your leisure. We can’t promise it will be the most relaxing of shopping experiences but it will definitely be a lot less stressful than Amazon Prime Day.

5. Black Friday lasts longer than just one day 

Despite the name, Black Friday can actually run for much longer than just one day. Increasing competition between retailers has meant that many stores start offering discounts in the days (or weeks) running up to the main event and then continue over Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday.

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