Working from home? These 5 Amazon buys are a game-changer!

Working from home like the rest of us? You need these Amazon buys to jazz up your makeshift home office *cough* dining table

Working from home: 2020-2021 Calendar - 18 Monthly Academic Desk or Wall Calendar Planner
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Working from home has its perks: dreamy lunches, comfy clothes, cuddles with your dog... buuut it's not all fun and games, especially if the makeshift home office area you're working from is making it hard for you to concentrate. Keep getting distracted? Uncomfortable? Bet you regret buying those pretty dining chairs now... whoops

Whether you're positioned nowhere near a plug socket, you're getting neck ache from looking down at your laptop from the lack of a height adjustable chair orrrr there's the worry that if you're working from your lovely dining table, you'll ruin it with all of that vigorous note taking from e-meetings. Whatever the reason you're here, we've sussed out all of the problems you may face if working from home for the next few weeks and are here to help conquer them before they even arise. All with help from Amazon, too, which means some of these items will arrive at your doorstep tomorrow. 

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Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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