I’m an interior design writer, and these are my favorite ways to decorate with fall colors

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There are so many things that I love about fall decor. From the cozy textures to the gorgeous scents, it’s just such an enchanting season when it comes to styling. There are so many different ways that you can bring it into your home, but decorating with fall colors is def a great place to start.

When I say fall colors, I’m talking about rich, earthy shades with plenty of depth. Think of walking through a forest on a cool day and all the pieces of nature that jump out at you. Beautiful orange and yellow leaves, deep brown paths, and purple and red berries. Gorgeous, am I right?

If you’re looking at these strong fall colors and thinking that they might be a li’l tricky to work with, I’m here for you. I decorate my home for fall every year, and I’ve been writing shopping guides for fall decor for years. So, you’re in good hands.

Here are my top five fall colors, and how to decorate with each one…

FYI: Here's how to decorate with fall colors

As well as picking shades and giving tips, I’ve also listed out some cute buys, so you can get the look ASAP.

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1. Red

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They say that red is the color of passion, and I’m totally passionate about having this in my fall palette. It can add serious impact and drama to a space, either with a big piece or with smaller, subtle touches. Accent chairs look amazing in scarlets and crimsons — or if you have budget for a bigger piece, a red couch would make any room look super striking. Don’t want to go that extreme? In terms of smaller pieces, look for candles and dried flowers, as these are easy to rotate with the seasons.

2. Orange

Obvi, this couldn’t be a fall colors rundown without good ol’ orange coming into the mix. For fall, you really can play with the full spectrum of orange shades. I’m talking everything from tangerines and apricots right up to rusts and ambers. Of course, cute fall pumpkins are easy wins for quickly adding orange into your space, but don’t be afraid to go bold. A splash of orange in key rooms, like the bedroom and bathroom, can make your place look incredibly cozy. 

3. Yellow

Just because the Coldplay song says so, it doesn’t have to be all yellow. It’s really fun and energetic, but it should definitely be used alongside other colors. Use it to break up the darker shades — for example, if you have a darker couch, throw on a yellow pillow or throw. Or, if you have a dark wooden coffee table or dining set, add yellow table accents. Contrast is key, honey. BTW, in terms of specific shades, mustards, golds, and honeys will complement most fall colors.

4. Green

This might not be the first color you think of when fall palettes come into your head, but trust me, it works. Go towards darker greens, like mosses, basils, and pines, and pair these up with oranges and browns to stop them from looking too heavy. In fact, I’d even say lighter or more muted greens like olives and sages would work well, too. You can add as many of these tones as you like throughout your apartment. Any kind of green decor is a good investment since most shades will work year-round. Candles, dinnerware, and even bathroom accessories are easy to incorporate into the home in these shades. 

5. Brown

This shade is anything but drab. If you prefer a darker shade but want to bring some warmth into your home, browns are def the way to go. Chocolates, cinnamons, and caramels are my go-tos, both in terms of shades and even in terms of scents. I really like using it as a base and building around it, such as with a coffee table or a piece of wall art. That being said, a few brown accessories — like books and fragrances — will add a chic touch without making a room look too dark.  

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