5 things organizing experts never do in small bedrooms — and what to do instead

We've spoken with the pros to find out the things organizing experts never do in small bedrooms

Knowing the things organizing experts never do in small bedrooms is always useful. Here is s gray bedroom with a gray bed with brown pillows, black and white wall art, and a nightstand with flowers
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Finding out the things organizing experts never do in small bedrooms is always useful when you're tidying up your place. 

We've gone straight to the pros to find out what they always avoid. From bulky furniture to storage no-nos, there are some real surprises coming up. We also got their alternative ideas so you can get started on smart solutions.

Whether you're looking for small bedroom ideas or just having a cleanout, keeping your space beautiful starts with great organization. Keep these in the back of your mind now, and thank yourself later.

Things organizing experts never do in small bedrooms

When organizing a small bedroom, knowing what to swerve is just as important as knowing what you should do. Where our experts have suggested helpful products to help fix any mishaps, we've also found matching buys.

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1. Overcrowd the space

A white bedroom with a gray bed with white and pink bedding, a pink chair, and gray rug

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We get the logic of adding every furniture piece you can fit into your small bedroom for function. You want to make the most out of the little space you have but overcrowding things isn’t the best idea.

“In a small bedroom, selecting appropriately sized furniture pieces is essential to maximize available floor space,” says Hashi Mohamed, president of Ivy Cleans.

A picture of Hashi Mohamed in a blue suit, with a skyscraper background
Hashi Mohamed

Hashi Mohamed is the President of Ivy Cleans; a premier cleaning and lifestyle solutions company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This specializes in cleaning and organizing, including organizing small bedrooms.

Instead, edit down your pieces and — if possible — switch up any tired items for multifunctional furniture, instead.

For example, Hashi recommends a going space-saving platform bed with built-in storage (such as this Red Barrel Studio platform bed from Wayfair), rather than opting for a luxe king-sized bed (as lovely as they are).

“I always choose nightstands with drawers and storage benches versus furniture with open shelving,” says Lara Duffy, professional organizer and owner of Lennox & Co Organizing.

A picture of Lara Duffy, a blonde woman in a white dress against a black background
Lara Duffy

Lara Duffy is a professional organizer and owner of Lennox & Co Organizing. Her unique perspective allows her to see beyond the surface, creating spaces that not only look organized but also nurture calm and control. This includes organizing small bedrooms.

We also like to use storage ottomans in bedrooms, as they’re a stylish way to quickly stash away items.

2. Overuse decor

A gray bedroom with a gray bed with brown pillows, black and white wall art, and a nightstand with flowers

(Image credit: Furniture and Choice)

We love decorating small bedrooms with treasures and trinkets, but going over the top on these is a big no-no for organizing experts. 

Hashi explains, “Organization experts always avoid excessive decor or excessive personal items on display. Keeping the room tidy involves being selective about decorative elements and minimizing the number of personal items on open shelves or surfaces.”

If you don’t want to throw the decor away, you could always move these to different areas of the home or even donate them to secondhand furniture stores so someone else can give them a new lease on life.

3. Store items under the bed

A green bedroom with a beige bed with fluffy pillows and throw pillows

(Image credit: French Bedroom)

In a small bedroom, the logical thing to do may appear to be hiding items under the bed. Unfortunately, this can be a big small bedroom Feng Shui mistake.

“Whatever is stored there affects us while we sleep, which can have big implications in our lives,” says Dr. Hannah Yang, certified Feng Shui practitioner and founder of Balanced Awakening.

A picture of Dr. Hannah Yang, a woman with brown hair wearing a green dress in front of a white background
Dr. Hannah Yang

Dr. Hannah Yang is a Certified Feng Shui practitioner and founder of Balanced Awakening. As Balanced Awakening flourishes in Chicago, and soon Miami, she loves to tap into her passion for design and Feng Shui to create fabulous environments for her team, clients, and herself.

She says it’s best not to have anything under the bed, but this is not practical in a lot of small space situations.

“Instead, some good things to keep under the bed in an organized manner are extra bedding and towels or off-season clothing,” she adds.

Hannah suggests opting for a bed with drawers below for storage. We have this Ivy Bronx bed from Wayfair on our wish list, as it’s giving us serious hotel vibes.

“I also recommend avoiding storing anything under the bed with an emotional charge like old family photos, souvenirs from the past, or anything with an obvious sleep-disruptive quality,” Hannah explains.

Have a clear out of items under the bed to keep your space organized and to keep the good energy going.

4. Neglect vertical storage

A gray bedroom with a wooden shelf and desk and green and pink bed

(Image credit: Shelved)

When it comes to small bedroom storage ideas, the only way is up for us, as vertical space utilizes the room’s capacity a lot better.

Hashi says, “I always advise against neglecting vertical storage opportunities. I recommend wall-mounted shelves, hooks, and floating nightstands to free up floor space and keep essentials within easy reach.”

Lara agrees, also suggesting choosing tall bookshelves over smaller ones (we like this Bamjoy bamboo bookshelf on Amazon), as well as picking wide storage pieces.

5. Have excessive clutter

A gray bedroom with a brown bed with pink bedding and a gray blanket

(Image credit: French Bedroom)

When you’re moving through the bedroom to sleep or to get ready, you might not pay attention to the amount of items you end up dropping on surfaces. These can massively add up, though.

Lara explains, “Don’t let clutter build — instead take 5-10 minutes every day to clear it out so it doesn’t overwhelm you or your space.”

If you’re in a hurry, you can declutter your small bedroom by carrying a trash bag around, quickly scooping anything out-of-place into it, and then putting it in the kitchen to sort through for recycling later. These heavy-duty 30 gallon trash bags from Amazon would do the job nicely. 

Alternatively, pop a storage box to one side as a drop zone for items you'll put away later, or sort through once every few days instead of leaving them dotted around. This hand-woven wicker one on wheels from Wayfair would work well without taking up too much floor space.

By opening up the space with these tips, your room will feel fresh and fabulous. “Ultimately, the goal is to create a serene, organized, and welcoming atmosphere, even in the confines of a small bedroom,” Hashi adds.

Another way you can enhance this space is by brightening up your small bedroom, as this will allow more light in and make it look spacious.

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