So Real Homes: creating a sunken bed and mezzanine room for a teen

Instagrammer Amy Wilson explains how her teenage daughter helped design her own room including an innovative sunken bed and mezzanine level

sunken bed in a teenager's room
(Image credit: Matt Gibbs)

Bedrooms for teens and children can be hard to design. They don't only need space for a bed and storage for clothes, but also room for doing homework, playing with friends and of course a place to stow away all of their toys and collections. 

So, when space is at a premium, designing a kid's bedroom can be really hard.

Amy Wilson of @thisstyle_rocks has overcome these issues brilliantly with this bedroom including a mezzanine for her teenage daughter, Minnie. Designed by Minnie herself, the room shows how a tiny footprint can be maximised to make a bedroom that ticks all of the boxes. 

While renovating their home, Amy asked her children to start Pinterest boards of what they wanted in their rooms and Minnie's included a sunken bed. After discussions with the architect and builder, they realised that it would be quite simple to recreate the bed in her own room. They have flipped the concept of a traditional bunk bed, putting the bed below and an office space above, making the most of the room's high ceiling.

Here Amy explains the process to Sian Astley, showing how they have now converted the loft to accommodate not only Minnie's bedroom, but a second child's bedroom and a bathroom, too.

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