8 pumpkin decorating ideas: gorgeous ways to decorate for fall

Check out these easy peasy pumpkin decorating ideas: they look amazing but are zero effort

pumpkin decorating ideas
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Looking for pumpkin decorating ideas that have all that Insta-factor but won't take you a whole weekend to complete? We hear you, we too are all about the zero effort/maximum effect life. Hence why we have put together five of the easiest pumpkin decorating ideas on the internet...

If you are after more easy craft ideas, head to our crafts hub page for loads of info and inspiration.

1. Paint your pumpkin with pastels (not a euphemism)

Literally that's it. Just paint your pumpkin. The easiest pumpkin decorating idea out there. It also looks super effective and surprisingly stylish. Just grab some pastel spray paint, pop some newspaper down and spray the entire thing. So much easier and less messy than carving one out – and the finished result is really effective.

2. Draw on some details 

A bit more technical than just spray painting the entire thing in a pastel hue, why not get some marker pens, or a fine paintbrush and paint some patterns onto your pumpkin? It's still really easy but the results are super impressive! 

If @theresagromski's stunning creations are a bit out of your realm, why not just try simple stripes or spots? 

3. Decorate your porch with piles of pumpkins

Front porch decorated for fall with pumpkins

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This pumpkin decorating idea couldn't be simpler: piles of them around your front steps, front door, front porch (whatever); to really make the most of them, dot candles or solar-powered lanterns amongst them that will just add to the welcoming orange glow.

4. Create a table centrepiece with pumpkins and autumn leaves

Pumpkin decorating ideas

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Use smaller pumpkins and match them with autumn leaves in vases, rustic cups, jam jars or glasses to create a cute table centrepiece. You don't need real pumpkins for this – Amazon sells lots of lifelike pumpkin decorations.

5. Use your pumpkin as a vase

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We've been seeing these all over Instagram and how gorgeous do they look?! Yeeesss okay, you still have to carve out your pumpkin, but it doesn't get any more complicated than that. Once you've carved it out, fill a small container with water and pop it inside with some lovely autumnal flowers (might we suggest Bloom and Wild's lovely autumnal collections?). 

6. Decorate your pumpkin with confetti 

Ginger Ray pumpkin with confetti

(Image credit: Ginger Ray )

Another easy pumpkin decorating idea is to use confetti or stickers. Again, paint your pumpkin (you really could use any paint, it doesn't have to be spray paint), and then go to town with the Halloween confetti. This cute confetti is from Ginger Ray – love the gold sequins mixed it for a bit of a glam, grown-up edge. Find much, much more Halloween confetti on Amazon.

7. Just pile a load of pumpkins together 

Well, it's actually a bit more artful than that, but the basic premise is just that. You can pick up such adorable pumpkins and squashes in all shapes and sizes from the supermarket, so use a few of them to create a display. Take note from @overatno_43 and use this easy pumpkin decorating idea to make a feature in your kitchen!

8. Go for a child-pleasing mermaid-themed pumpkin

Mermaid pumpkin

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Yes, maybe this hurts your eyes, but remember, pumpkins aren't just for nice pics to stick on your Instagram feed – kids like to get involved too. Get down to a craft shop and stock up on glitter, stickers, beads, shells, plastic mermaid tails(?) and just let your kids do their thing. You can replace them with your lovely pastel pumpkins in a few days. 

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