These 8 pegboard ideas are seriously stylish and space-saving

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Two pictures of pegboards with colorful accessories
(Image credit: @heyletsmakestuff / @lovilee_za)

When I’ve been trying to find organizing ideas for my small rental, pegboards always come up all over my TikTok and Insta feeds.

They’re so great for small spaces, as you can lean them against the wall (or hang them up if your landlord is chill) and hang up lots of different items at once. This means you can save on desk space and closet space — which I know is oh-so-precious when you haven’t got much room.

I’ve spent a lot of time on socials (whew, my job can be hard) and found the most gorgeous images of pegboards in people’s homes. I’m officially converted to this, and I have so much pegboard items in my basket RN.

Ready to get on board with this organization idea? Scroll on down for serious inspo…

8 pegboard ideas that I’m absolutely obsessed with

From plants and tools to treats and trinkets, there are a ton of ways to put your pegboard to work. I’ve also picked out matching buys, so you can get the look too.

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1. Hallway pegboard

A pegboard in a hallway with a calendar and plants on it

(Image credit: @thenewsmallhouse)

I love a wooden pegboard — it just looks so easy and breezy, and is super sturdy too. Having a pegboard in the hallway is a great way to create a ‘hub’ for organizing coming and going from the home. You can hang up keys, calendars, and shopping lists, so you never lose track of what you need when you’re running out the door. 

2. Plants pegboard

A pegboard with plants on it

(Image credit: @joycieteh)

There are so many reasons to add plants to the decor in your home. They’re colorful, eco-friendly, and improve the air quality. I love my plants, but I’m an awful plant mom, so I’m loving the idea of having them all together, to make them easy to see and therefore water. It’s super clever how @Joycieteh has used a mixture of different plants in varying heights, lengths, and textures, as this draws the eye to various areas of the pegboard. 

3. Craft supplies pegboard

A pegboard with colorful craft supplies on it

(Image credit: @heyletsmakestuff)

Okay — I am living for the rainbow coordination on this board by @heyletsmakestuff. She has used four IKEA pegboards to create one big display, with lots of little fittings that hold a variety of different shaped items. The smaller shelves, hooks, and wire hangers all fit snugly onto the board, and are strong enough to hold a good amount too.

4. Kitchen pegboard


♬ Bad Habit - Steve Lacy

I’m forever running out of room for pots and pans, and just don’t have the budget to buy endless kitchen trolleys. This is why I’m loving this organized kitchen pegboard, which is super budget-friendly and renter-friendly. It also utilizes the existing space really efficiently. You could go for a huge display pegboard like the one in this TT, or even go for a smaller one to hang up utensils or li'l containers. 

5. DIY pegboard

A pegboard with tools and paintbrushes on it

(Image credit: @bossybrushstrokes)

There’s nothing stylish about tools. Well, that’s what I used to think, before I laid eyes on this cute board by @bossybrushstrokes. This idea could be great in your garage if you have one, or in your spare room, so you don’t lose track of paint brushes, pens, and scissors. I totes hate that feeling of being in the DIY mood, then losing all motivation after spending too much time looking for things.  

6. Desk pegboard 

A decorated pegboard next to a desk with a pink chair

(Image credit: @lovilee_za)

The key to getting stuff done is by having a clutter free mind. And the start of a clutter free mind comes from having a clutter free workspace. By putting all her stationery, personal items, and decor on the pegboard, @lovilee_za has eliminated the need for mess on her desk. Everything is easy to see and grab, plus it looks real cute too. 

7. Larger organizers on pegboard

A pegboard with colorful craft items and accessories on it

(Image credit: @thatssogemma)

This is another pegboard that has taken The Home Edit’s ROYGBIV mantra into its stride. It’s so dynamic and vibrant, and is giving me major joy just looking at it. There are a lot of fab pegboard ideas on this, but what I’m especially into is how @thatssogemma has hung up larger baskets and racks, that are normally stored on the desk. This has then created even more room for her to store her spools and paints. Total genius.

8. Bathroom pegboard


♬ BIG MAD - Ktlyn

In my tiny rental, I’m always squabbling for bathroom storage space with my boyf — we both have skincare routines that we love, but those bottles and lotions take up a lot of counter and cabinet space. I’m def stealing this bathroom pegboard idea, which utilizes simple shelves, wires, and plastic containers to hold the supplies. It also makes it simple AF to see if you’re running out of something. 

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