5 narrow bathroom ideas to maximize your awkwardly-sized space

These genius narrow bathroom ideas are expert-approved and easy to do

Narrow bathroom ideas can be sleek and stylish. Here is a white bathroom with a white and black sink and wooden door frame
(Image credit: Anne Rae Design / Jenny Siegwart)

Whether it's your primary or guest bathroom, expert-led narrow bathroom ideas will help you make this weirdly-shaped room look wonderful. 

If you've tried decorating it and found it doesn't look quite right, or haven't even attempted it, we've got you covered either way. We've spoken with interior designers to find out what you can do, from quick fixes to fabulous renovations.

For those on the hunt for small bathroom ideas, we've found ones suitable for renters and homeowners who can stretch out and feel the walls easily. Even with this limited space, you can make it shine.

Narrow bathroom ideas

From dreamy design tricks to make a small bathroom appear bigger, to clever storage solutions, you really can make this shaped space work for you.

Along with finding beautiful inspo from design experts, we've also scouted out handy buys so you can elevate your narrow bathroom ASAP.

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1. Use towel hooks

A pink bathroom with pink and green wallpaper, a vintage mirror, a scalloped sink, and a towel hook with blue towel

(Image credit: @homeleebuild)

Every bathroom needs towel storage ideas, whether you just have a sink or have a shower or bath.

“In narrow bathrooms, I prefer hooks or towel rings over a towel bar which takes up a lot of space,” says Carly Rose, principal designer and founder of Rose Design.

A picture of Carly Rose, a brown haired woman wearing a brown dress
Carly Rose

Carly Rose is the principal designer and founder of Rose Design. Rose Design’s goal is to offer interior spaces and experiences with individuality. Designing narrow bathrooms is just one way she does this.

This is an easy way to add playful quirkiness to the space, as you can add vintage hooks for a retro vibe or colorful ones to add a pop of boldness.

2. Add another door

A white bathroom with a white and black sink and wooden door frame

(Image credit: Anne Rae Design / Jenny Siegwart)

If you own your own home or can renovate it, you can make your small bathroom look and feel luxe by giving more opportunities for entry.

“In this bathroom I designed, there are two doors to the space so it can be used as an en-suite to the guest bedroom as well as to the entryway for other guests,” says Kristin Kostamo-McNeil, principal interior designer and founder of Anne Rae Design.

A picture of Kristin Kostamo-McNeil, a blonde woman wearing a white shirt and brown skirt in front of a brick wall
Kristin Kostamo-McNeil

Kristin Kostamo-McNeil is the founder and principal interior designer of Anne Rae Design, a boutique interior design firm based in both Grand Haven, MI and San Diego, CA. She's experienced in designing unique interior environments, including narrow bathrooms.

For those who love this idea but are worried about fitting everything in, you can get creative and add special fittings.

Kristin continues, “The bedroom door was placed in such a way we couldn't have a traditionally shaped vanity, so we designed a custom vanity instead.”

This way, everything will fit neatly in your small bathroom and you’ll have unique additions no one else will have. We love a win-win.

3. Switch up the shape and style of the mirror

A blob mirror on a floral patterned wall above a sink

(Image credit: Sanctuary Bathrooms)

Finding mirror ideas for a small bathroom is always a must, as they provide a stylish checkpoint for stray toothpaste. In a narrow bathroom, they can make a small bathroom feel more expansive, too.

Carly explains, “Changing the shape and style of a mirror can transform the feeling of a small room including bathrooms.”

She likes to use slim framed mirrors, frameless ones, as well as round or fun-shaped blob mirrors.

She adds, “In narrow bathrooms, a large right-angled mirror can make you feel like you are in a carnival — unless this is the look you are trying to achieve, then go for it!”

Position these above the sink so you can easily do a once-over, or even opposite a window if possible so to reflect light.

4. Choose a walk-in shower

A black and white walk-in shower with a showerhead and a shelf with toiletries

(Image credit: Anne Rae Design / Jenny Siegwart)

When we hear the words walk-in shower, we’re immediately transported to a glam resort in our heads. You can get this feeling at home by adding one to your narrow bathroom, which is just the right shape for these.

“A walk in shower has ample space and feels clean and fresh,” explains Kristin.

She continues, “Here, we added handmade white subway tile leading all the way to the ceiling, trimmed out with the sharp contrast of the black trims which added architectural character.”

We love this monochrome palette Kristin has used, but you could also go for colorful jewel tones in your walk-in shower. Either way, it’s a brilliant way to make your small bathroom feel like a spa.

5. Paint with lighter colors

A bathroom with light gray walls, a green bath with a shower curtain, and brown tiles

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

While you can add pops of personality to your bathroom, lighter shades are the best colors for small bathrooms.

“A narrow bathroom should be painted in a light color, so it gives the illusion of a large space,” says Tommy Mello, home improvement expert and founder of A1 Garage Door Service.

A picture of Tommy Mello, a man with short brown hair wearing a white shirt
Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello is a a home improvement and DIY expert, and the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, a $100M+ home service business and home service industry leader. As well as garages, he's a pro at renovating different areas of the home, including narrow bathrooms.

If you don't fancy going all-white, Tommy adds, “You can make the floor darker and paint the walls in muted light tones.”

Light grays, creams, and pure whites will all work well for this. Just be sure to use a sample on your walls before grabbing the paintbrush, so you can be certain your pick suits your room. 

And, if you like a bit of color but feel white is the best path, pick one with a blue undertone (or whichever color you like best) and you'll feel the difference when you paint the whole space. A little bit of pigment goes a long way when painted or featured over multiple square feet.

By using a few of these clever tricks and creative decor ideas, you can make your narrow bathroom look fabulous. If your home has more awkwardly-shaped rooms than one, finding out ways to make your narrow entryway look stylish could also be useful. 

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