Loft bed ideas to make the most of your tiny bedroom or dorm

Our top loft bed ideas will maximize your bedroom space and add function, too

Wooden lofted bed
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One way to get the most out of a small bedroom is by using a loft bed instead of a traditional bed. Because beds are bulky and take up so much floor space, choosing a loft-style option can give you a lot more room to work with (which is always appreciated). 

Loft beds create new square footage for you to use for other home essentials, like a desk, dresser, or reading nook. Another way you can utilize the space made from lofting your bed is for extra storage. This can be a major game changer for those who rent an apartment or live in a small home. 

To inspire you to make your own loft bed set-up, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

1) Boho wood vibe 

Wooden loft bed with string lights

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A studio can be particularly challenging to design, but this cabin-like apartment proves that even the smallest of spaces can be welcoming. Boho decor adds an extra touch of coziness. The corner of this room provides the perfect excuse to set up a lofted bed. We love the way the ladder looks almost like a piece of art — functional and chic. 

Cozy corner 

White loft bed with cute decor and cat

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Some people prefer to keep the area underneath a lofted bed to just a couple of dainty items, but this room shows that you can make the most of the space. Add a small desk, cabinet, bookshelf, a lamp, and some art or photos to showcase your style. 

Curtain it off 

Wooden lofted bed

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A major benefit to having a lofted bed is that it often frees up some storage space. However, you might not love the look of having your stacked books or off-season sweaters on display. One way to conceal the items you have stashed underneath is by using a curtain to close things off. This is also a smart option for those who need more closet space. 

Keep it simple 

White lofted bed with black office chair

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When working with tricky floor plans, you might not be able to get away with a large lofted bed, but a small one can still pack a big punch. The simplicity of this setup makes it ideal for dorm room living or situations where you’re sharing a space with a roommate.  

Room for activities 

White lofted bed with white desk

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If you want to use the area underneath your lofted bed for something more fun than storage space, this should serve as inspiration to add a swing. It gives the room a carefree and relaxing feel while also doubling as extra seating.  

Double the space 

White lofted bed with green sheets

(Image credit: @sarah.pickersgill.brown)

Small spaces certainly have their perks (less furniture to buy, less to clean, etc.) but they also create a limited area to host and entertain. If you don’t have enough room for a proper guest suite, a lofted bed might be your best bet. Consider having the headboards face the opposite direction to add visual interest. 

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