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One of the first major pieces of furniture that I bought for my place was a beautiful small bookcase. It completely transformed the space and made it feel like a proper home. Y’know, because all adults have bookcases.

That being said, it can be a real pain to try and find a cute one that will fit seamlessly into the decor, and that has enough space for all the books without taking up the whole room. I’m a total Belle girl with a Cinderella-sized space, so I know the feels here.

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I’ve rounded up a range of places that sell beaut bookcases, so you can make your mini library a reality. I personally have my many, many books in rainbow order, which my boyf totally hates but I think looks incredible TBH.

Anyway it’s time to get your own bookshelf so you can decorate your own! Scroll down for the best places to bag one…

The best bookshelf stores in 2023

Ready to start shopping? As well as rounding up where to go, I’ve also found some gorgeous bookshelves so you can make your bookworm fantasy a reality ASAP.

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

1. Walmart

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From groceries to great furniture buys, Walmart really does have it all, you guys. It has a ton of budget bookshelf options look out for its Mainstays range, which has a mix of different styles.

Our favorite Walmart bookshelf picks for 2023: 

2. Urban Outfitters

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When looking for finding decor that’s extra fabulous, you just can’t beat Urban Outfitters. It specializes in pieces that have a Gen-Z edge, that will elevate your space and make it look straight out of your Insta feed.

Our favorite UO bookshelf picks for 2023:

3. Wayfair

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I could spend legit hours going through the Wayfair website. With a whole host of brands, including some celeb ones (I’m talking to you, Kelly Clarkson), it really is an amazing one-stop-shop for furniture pieces including bookcases.

Our favorite Wayfair bookshelf picks for 2023:

4. Target

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Whether you’re shopping for your apartment or moving into dorms, Target is well worth a look. It does basics really well, especially in its Room Essentials and Threshold ranges. Also, keep an eye on its deals page, as it really can save you serious cash.
Our favorite Target bookshelf picks for 2023:

5. Amazon

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Glamazons, you know you can get basically everything from Amazon. That includes furniture big and small, people. And, with many buys on Prime, if you’re a member you can get your new bookcase to your door the next day.

Our favorite Amazon bookshelf picks for 2023:

How to choose a bookcase

Thinking about getting your own? Here are four key things you need to think about before clicking add to cart:

Size and dimensions: Measure up the space you’re planning to put it in, and then make sure that the height, width, and depth of the bookcase you’re looking at match up.

Material: Go for ones that are durable and that will last, such as ones made from solid wood, engineered wood, metal, and laminate.

Style: Take a look at the existing decor in your home, and make sure that the bookcase you have your eye on will complement it, not clash with it.

Storage capacity: Consider the number of shelves, their depth, and how much weight they can bear. You want to make sure that all your books will fit, after all.

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