How to decorate with carpets and rugs

Decorating your house with carpets is an easy and effective way to change the atmosphere in your home.

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Decorating your house with carpets is an easy and effective way to change the atmosphere in your home.

Rugs easily become a warm and soft surface; an ideal surface for children to play. Or, sink your feet into a a deep shag pile and keep warm this winter.

With so many rugs to choose from it’s easy to find a style suitable for your room. Elegant and sophisitcated, modern or decorative and elaborate, rugs can reflect your personal vision enhancing your theme.

Rug types explained…

The most classic rugs are Persian rugs, especially antiques. The value changes in accordance with the manufacturing, the pattern, the place of origin and the material used in the creation of the artefact. Dimension are important too, particularly in antique pieces.

Here are some suggestions on modern and contemporary style rugs…

Striped rugs

Striped rugs can give the illusion of length or width, enlarging the space. A contemporary monochromatic rug can be used to emphasise detail, as they frame the space above and add visual interest in to the room.

Patterned rugs

To add a visual layer to a room, using a patterned rug will provide texture and style; livening up your living space. Using colours similar to your funishings creates a modern sleek look as well as installing that cosy feeling – perfect during the winter time!

Long rectangular rugs

Long rectangular rugs are perfect to create a transition between two different spaces, for example it’s use in the entrance area of the house. A thick, woven rustic rug softens a space but is durable too.

Textured rugs

Sisal and Silk rugs are better used with soft furniture, such as woollen chairs. Their charactaristically bright colours will compliment an accent wall and can create or highlight your room theme. Sisal rugs are perfect with modern interior. Wool and cotton rugs are very soft and perfect to use in your living space.

Oriental rugs

It’s much easier to decorate with simple and natural modern rugs, but decorating with Persian and Oriental rugs take more experience and creativity. For example, to provide the right emphasis for a Classic Persian rug, like Ferahan rug, it is best placed under the sofa. Then add table and chairs to the adjacent side or opposite. Natural colours with accents of orange, indigo and turquoise can highlight your room.

You can use a more versatile Kilim Rug, a typical flat weave rug. These are usually rich in colour with a very neat style which it makes them extremely versatile. Kilim rugs are also used as a framework on walls or draped on a couch like a blanket.

Oriental rugs,( such as Nomadic or Tribal) are made from Wool, great for rich dark colours. This rug is pure luxury and it is perfect in the living room. Oriental rugs are a perfect way to brighten up a neutral room, dramatising the atmosphere.

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Whatever your choice, a rug can dramatically change the look and the feel of your living room. This guide was written by experts – they can easily find the perfect rugs for your room!