Gorgeous farmhouse small bathroom ideas — 7 designer-approved ways to create a rustic, relaxing room

Bring in cozy charm with farmhouse small bathroom ideas, even in the most compact of spaces

Collated image of three farmhouse small bathroom ideas. One is of a greige vanity with patterned wallpaper and a mirror, a white and dusky pink bath with a wooden stool next to it, and a white dual vanity unit with two mirrors above
(Image credit: The Curious Department / The Interiors Yard / Benjamin Moore)

Bringing in farmhouse small bathroom ideas is a great way to enhance the coziness of your little space.

We've spoken with interior designers who are big fans of this aesthetic to find out their favorite ways to decorate with it. Shiplap walls, vintage decor, and woven accessories are among their seven beautiful ideas.

Anyone who is looking for small bathroom ideas will find these farmhouse design tips handy, as country charm can be brought into powder rooms in many different ways.

Fabulous farmhouse small bathroom ideas

If you like this design style as much as we do, you're going to love these tips that bring in the chicest modern farmhouse bathroom ideas in a way that's suitable for smaller spaces.

Our experts have recommended buys to match their style points throughout, which we have shopped whenever possible.

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1. Use shiplap paneling

A bathroom with greige shiplap paneling, a scalloped striped curtain and blind, and an olive green paneled bath tub with a white interior and a bath tray with two blue lit candles on it

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Incorporate shiplap bathroom ideas into your room to bring farmhouse charm in a subtle way.

“Install vertical wooden planks along the walls to create a textured backdrop that adds warmth and depth to the space,” explains Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

You can either go for a painted finish like above or even go for something even more rustic. 

“If the farmhouse bathroom is a powder room, consider using antique wood paneling on the walls. Simply wire brush the wood to clean it, but leave the finish natural and unsealed,” adds Amanda Wyatt, interior designer and founder of Design Insider.

2. Pick light colors

A white farmhouse small bathroom with two rectangular mirrors with lights over them, and two white vanities with silver faucets and cabinets and drawers

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Being mindful of small bathroom paint colors is a key part of making your farmhouse small bathroom look lovely and airy.

Amanda explains, “If your small farmhouse bathroom is a primary bathroom, I would try to keep it light and bright. Using white, painted vertical v-groove wood paneling on the walls can give you a timeless farmhouse feel.”

From here, Amanda recommends hanging a large mirror (the Regina Andrew Scarlett Mirror from Saks is stunning) over the sink to make the space feel more expansive.  

3. Go for a freestanding bath tub

A bathroom with light gray tiled walls with a black and white wall art print, a tall dark green plant, a silver chair, and a large silver bathtub

(Image credit: Ca' Pietra)

For those whose small bathrooms have enough room for a tub, we love the idea of going for one in an eye-catching metallic shade.

“Make a statement with a freestanding tub as the focal point of your farmhouse small bathroom,” suggests Nina. “The classic silhouette of a freestanding tub exudes elegance and complements farmhouse decor perfectly."

If you adore the look above, the Ceibas Freestanding Tub from Pottery Barn is very similar.

4. Unfurl sweet wallpaper

A small bathroom with beige and black dotted wallpaper, a large gold mirror with two wall sconces either side, a beige vanity unit with a gold faucet and soap dispensers, and a gray rug on the dark floor

(Image credit: The Curious Department)

One of the easiest ways to bring in a farmhouse look is by unfurling small bathroom wallpaper ideas onto your space.

Amanda explains, “The sweet floral Somerton Wallpaper from Anthropologie in "Brown" is great for a feminine look.” For a more masculine look, I like a fun outdoor vibe, such as the Flying Ducks Wallpaper from Anthropologie in denim light.”

Apply all over for bold impact or simply create a small bathroom accent wall for a subtle finish.

5. Add reclaimed wood decor

A white bathroom with a gold mirror, wooden shelf with plants, and a sink underneath it

(Image credit: @thistle.harvest)

As well as adding wall paneling, you can also bring in weathered-looking wooden decor to really elevate your farmhouse small bathroom.

Nina says, “Consider installing a reclaimed wood vanity or floating shelves to add natural warmth and character.”

You can either DIY these yourself and use sandpaper to give your pieces an authentic finish or go for one pre-made such as the Emmeson Reclaimed Wood Shelves from West Elm if you aren’t too confident with a hammer.

6. Curate rustic accessories

A bathroom with a white tub with a dusky pink base with a bath tray with a vase of wildflowers, a wooden stool next to it with books on, and a white door and mountain wall art print

(Image credit: The Interiors Yard)

The farmhouse design aesthetic is all about cozy design, which you can bring in through aesthetic and functional decor pieces.

“Display woven baskets for towel storage, add a wooden ladder for hanging towels or decorative linens, and place a wooden stool next to the tub,” suggests Nina.

“Adding candles and greenery, like the best indoor plants or flowers (we like the colorful Bovvered Wildflowers Flowers from Amazon), will also bring the outdoors in and complete the farmhouse style vibes in your space,” adds Natalie Meyer, principal designer and CEO of CNC Home Design.

7. Finish with vintage style hardware

A white bathroom with a gold mirror, gold sconces, a white and blue sink, and a gold towel rail

(Image credit: Styled by Storms / Brittany Ambridge)

Matching finishing touches will help to tie a farmhouse small bathroom all together. This can be done super easily by adding in matching vintage-style fixtures.

Nina says, “Choose faucets, cabinet pulls, and towel bars with antique-inspired designs in finishes like oil-rubbed bronze or aged brass.”

If you go for cabinet pulls, we recommend getting a whole set (Abbington Drawer Hardware on West Elm are bestsellers) so you can ensure cohesion and chicness. 

With these farmhouse small bathroom ideas, you can transform your compact space into a stylish and inviting retreat filled with rustic elegance. 

“Farmhouse style offers endless possibilities for creating a bathroom that feels like a peaceful countryside escape,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you love this style and want to carry on decorating other rooms, farmhouse bedroom ideas may also come in useful.

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