16 farmhouse Christmas tree decor ideas to recreate for the holidays

Rustic Christmas tree decor ideas are some of the most charming. Think rattan skirts, wooden decs, fairy lights and more laid back ideas to add much-needed festive character.

Farrmhouse Christmas tree ideas
(Image credit: Becky Mickelson)

Country and rustic-style aesthetics feature highly in our space all year round, but at Christmastime especially we love to bring all the farmhouse Christmas tree decor looks into our homes. For us that means, plaid ribbons galore, paper chains and as many homemade decs as you can muster to create a lovely, cozy feel for the holidays. 

Whether your tree is faux or real, your Christmas tree ideas can flex to suit a rustic theme with ease. Think neutral baubles, beaded garlands, or textured additions and tree toppers, of course, for a layered display.

Farmhouse Christmas tree ideas to bring joy to your living room

If your home is rustic in style then you may want to decorate your tree to suit. 'Decorating your tree inspired by the rustic charm of farmhouse décor is the perfect way to invite the holiday season into your home,' says Becky Tasker, PR Manager at Lights4Fun.

1. Keep it rustic with plenty of texture

farmhouse christmas tree

(Image credit: Becky Mickelson)

A simple, warm, brown and orange color scheme is a classic and works perfectly if you want to go for a rustic, farmhouse feel with your holiday decor. The handmade tassels on this tree give it plenty of texture, plus if you look closely you'll see there is dried pampas grass mixed in with the evergreen to add even more warmth. The look is finished off with some homemade paper stars and dried oranges (both super simple to make in an afternoon).

2. Decorate your tree with homemade decorations

Farrmhouse Christmas tree ideas

(Image credit: Kara Cofield)

The easiest farmhouse Christmas decoration out there – paper chains. String them up all over your home for a proper nostalgic feel and wrap them around your tree as a garland for a pop of color.

3. Add in some classic plaid touches 

Farrmhouse Christmas tree ideas

(Image credit: Joseph Dean Firman)

When it comes to creating a farmhouse Christmas tree, plaid is a must! Simply tie ribbons to the ends of some of your branches for a charming, vintage-inspired look that is sure to enhance any surrounding Christmas decoration ideas on display. Mix with red, green and white ornaments plus extra berries and burlap decorations to complete the classic style. 

4. Squeeze a Christmas tree into your bedroom

Farrmhouse Christmas tree ideas

(Image credit: Jackie Vazquez)

And of course, you should bring some of those rustic Christmas vibes into your home. We love the red white and green theme in this bedroom, and you just can't go wrong with the classic tree on the roof of a car motif can you? If you haven't got room for a tree, don't worry if you can still create that farmhouse feel by stringing a garland with some bows tied to it over your headboard and switching out your bedding for something more festive.

5.  Decorate the kids' room with a fun rustic style tree

Farrmhouse Christmas tree ideas

(Image credit: Kara Cofield)

And don't forget the kid's room! Again, plaid is a key part of this look– get some thick wired ribbon and wrap it into the depth of your tree, pair with some fun decorations and vintage style name tags to make it even more personal. Decorate the rest of the room to match too with Christmas bedding and extra fairy lights.

6. Go for textured baubles to create interest

Christmas living room with decorated tree, stars on the walls, presents, green sofa

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Most of the baubles on this tree have some kind of texture – stripes, glitter and 3D shapes. It’s also worth varying the shapes too, consider teardrop to break up round designs. Dark colors in amongst lighter shades will add depth too.

7. Add shades of orange, rust and teal

rustic farmhouse Christmas dining room, with tree, log burner, wrapped presents, wreath

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Tweak the farmhouse tree classics by adding in some deep rich shades that are warm in color like ochre, turmeric and teal. If your home has an exposed brick fireplace the colors will tie in perfectly, and they work well with wood tones too. 

8. Not wanting a big tree? Go for a 'Charlie Brown'

white living room with Christmas decorations, stockings on fireplace, small tree, wreath, wooden floor, knitted throws

(Image credit: Urbanology Designs)

Not keen on a large tree? We don’t all want a huge tree that’s the focal point, sometimes a more balanced decorative approach can be used instead.  A Charlie Brown tree is small and less conspicuous as Ginger Curtis, owner at Urbanology Designs explains:

‘There's something whimsical and minimal about a Charlie Brown that just embraces simplicity in the midst of a holiday that can be overabundant.  What's even better is if you put your Charlie Brown into a basket, then stuff a warm, cozy blanket into the basket with the tree, and let it drape over to add another layer of soft, wintery texture that's perfect for the holidays.’

9. Keep it simple and go for fairy lights

natural Christmas tree in a farmhouse, table setting, wreath, candles, tableware, presents

(Image credit: Dobbies)

In a farmhouse setting where the feel is more natural and rustic, a tree covered in baubles might feel over the top. Instead, you could opt for the simple, yet extremely effective idea of draping fairy lights around it instead. It will look uber pretty and create a beautiful ambient light too.

10. A rustic home lends itself to rustic tree decs

natural Christmas with wooden decorations, garland on mantlepiece, armchair, kraft wrap presents, log burner

(Image credit: George Home)

These gorgeous wooden decorations are fitting for this rustic style living room and they add texture to this charming scheme. Pop in some paper ones too for extra interest. 

Use kraft paper for wrap and tie presents with string and green ribbon. Textures like coir rugs and knitted throws complete this natural look.

11. Farmhouse style doesn't mean you can’t be colorful

Christmas living room with large tree, baubles, animal decorations, poinsettia decorations, garland, sofa, presents wrapped

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

You can have extravagance even with farmhouse Christmas tree decorations. Use a mixture of baubles, clip on birds and fairy lights, but don’t forget you can also add in grape decs (can you spot them?) and large animals as shown here – don’t they look great!

The key is to vary the scale, so use a mixture of mini, medium and large decorations for a fabulously decorated tree. 

12. Get a frosted tree for a full snowy rustic effect

frosted Christmas tree with white baubles, pine cones, silver decorations, armchair, presents

(Image credit: Habitat)

You can’t beat a tree covered in snow can you, it conjures up the lovely snowy scenes you see in vintage Christmas films. To recreate this look opt for a frosted tree and add some white and silver decs to carry on the snowy theme. Pine cones will add texture, you could use real ones and nestle them into the branches. 

12. Create a glow with stars

neutral Christmas living room with neutral decorations, two sofas, coir rug, hanging stars

(Image credit: Lights 4 Fun)

A neutral decoration scheme works well in a rustic farmhouse setting as the natural colors are subtle anyway. Use cream, gold and copper baubles to create a warm scheme, this will work wonderfully well if your furniture and flooring is of similar colors. Add some star decs to the walls and don’t forget to add a topper to your farmhouse Christmas tree too as a final finishing touch. 

14. Invest in a rustic ‘skirt’ for your farmhouse style tree

classic Christmas tree in rust coloured living room, Christmas tree skirt, wrapped presents

(Image credit: Neptune)

A rustic styled tree deserves a rustic skirt and choosing one that’s made of rattan will do the trick. The natural colors tie in perfectly with the farmhouse style and it will hide the base of your Christmas tree. Another option is to buy a real tree in a pot, that way you are truly encompassing a country feel in your home. 

15. Drape beaded garlands for a classical look

natural rustic Christmas with neutral decorations, beaded garland, log burner

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

A great Christmas farmhouse tree idea is to mix baubles with other decorations like beaded garlands. You can drape them from top to bottom in the same way you would add the fairy lights before placing the baubles. They add a new dimension and change of scale which makes the tree look more interesting when finished. 

16. Keep it simple with tonal decs and fairy lights

Christmas tree with simple decorations, fairy lights, armchair, candles

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

We love the simplicity of these tree decorations and the concept will work without whatever color you choose, for example, shades of pink, red or green would look equally as great in a more contemporary scheme. 

In this farmhouse setting the shades of grey work really well and blend with the cosy armchair. 

How do you decorate a Christmas tree farmhouse style?

We asked Becky Tasker, PR Manager at the fabulous Lights4Fun for her farmhouse Christmas tree ideas

'Decorating your tree inspired by the rustic charm of farmhouse décor is the perfect way to invite the holiday season into your home. The antique earthy colour palette is a perfect starting point for bringing your tree together. Start by dressing the branches with micro lights, remembering to evenly distribute the LEDs on each level. Pair classic white ceramic illuminated baubles with a touch of antique opulence with mottled gold baubles, creating the perfect farmhouse chic look. 

Complete the look your farmhouse Christmas tree decor look by placing gifts around the base of the tree wrapped in natural brown paper, and dot TruGlow LED candles amongst the gifts at varying heights, this will give your holiday décor the ultimate rustic charm to accompany the festivities.

What colors are good for a Farmhouse Christmas setting?

A farmhouse or rustic setting doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a colorfully decorated tree, the classic red and green combo looks great with any tree, let's face it! However, if you want to incorporate the nature of your farmhouse or country cottage, then choose decs in beautiful neutrals – creams, golds and coppers look fabulous as they pick out the tones of rustic wood, exposed bricks and the surrounding nature. 

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