6 bedroom trends designers say to try in 2023

Let this be the year you perfect your sleeping space

Image of a bedroom with neutral decor and a mix of textures used throughout the bedding and on the ottoman
(Image credit: Bungalowe/Virtually Here Studios)

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, but comfort often trumps style because it isn’t a space where we often bring guests or entertain friends. Still, these rooms are ripe with design opportunities. It’s not just about new duvets, sheets, or adding a throw blanket at the foot of the bed — these are spaces where you can truly get creative and show off your unique sense of style. 

Are you ready to elevate your bedroom? I spoke with several top interior designers to learn the trends on their radar for 2023

1. Mixing patterns

red pattern throw in a black and white bedroom

(Image credit: Gavin Cater/Hollis Jordyn Design)

Are you a fan of both stripes and floral prints? Can’t choose? In 2023, you don’t have to because mixing patterns will be a major trend according to Hollis LaPlante and Jordyn Grohl of Hollis Jordyn Design. “We love creating an eclectic and curated look by mixing patterns and layers for bedroom decorative accessories including throws, pillows, and art." Say LaPlante and Grohl. "Incorporating playful patterns and textures in your bedroom decor allows your personality to shine and creates an unforgettable vignette."

Don’t be afraid to make a design power move by mixing patterns and prints. “An overly coordinated and matching bedroom is dated and uninspiring. Be sure to incorporate colorful and whimsical window curtains in a bedroom, which anchor the design and serve as the backdrop to enhance the other colors, patterns, and textures in the space,” they say.

2. Selective colors

A white bedroom with colorful blue, bird-patterned bedding, a fabric scales throw pillow, and bedside table and

(Image credit: Jessica Risko Smith Interior Designs/Leela Cyd)

While a minimalist neutral palette has been on-trend in recent years, next year is the perfect time to bring some color into your bedroom. However, this doesn't mean you have to make everything bright and colorful. LaPlante and Grohl recommend using a boldly colored pillow or throw to mix things up. 

On the other hand, Jessica Risko Smith of Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design, suggests adding more subtle hues through artwork and textural accessories including bedding and rugs.

3. Create a seating area

A neutral bedroom with an accent chair in the corner, creating a seating area

(Image credit: Alex Zarour/A1000XBetter)

Remember, your bedroom is a place to relax, but it's not just for sleeping. “A huge trend I have been seeing is the bedroom seating area. Having a comfortable and inviting seating area in a primary bedroom allows you to have your own private sanctuary where you can enjoy your morning coffee or unwind at the end of the day,” says Smith. “It's also a perfect place to connect and have conversations with your partner or kids.” 

When designing a bedroom seating area, the designer suggests pulling from the other elements in the room — adding to the textures and colors that tie into the overall aesthetic. “Keeping the seating area classic, minimal, and understated will contribute to a sophisticated and calming feeling in the space.” 

4. Gender-neutral decor

A neutral bedroom with an organic shape headboard, neutral decor, and a variety of natural textures throughout

(Image credit: Bungalowe/Virtually Here Studios)

It’s that age-old argument every couple has had at least once about how to decorate the bedroom. Either it’s too feminine or masculine, but there is a line between printed flower sheets and a solid black duvet. Tamarra Younis of Union of Art Interiors recommends opting for gender-neutral designs in 2023. “These days, it's not about designing spaces that aren't masculine or feminine, it's all about creating spaces that are inviting to all. A major trend we have noticed in design is the transition away from gendered spaces and typical patterns and color palettes that evoke a male or female feeling.”

5. Unique bedside feature lighting

A bright bedroom with sconce lighting installed above the bedside table

(Image credit: Aterberry Cooke/Photography by Madeline Harper)

In 2023, the standard bedside lamp will start to look dated. After all, there are so many ways to light a bedroom, why explore your options? “Who needs a traditional bedside lamp when you could have a pair of stunning sculptural pendants? These hanging pendant light fixtures anchor the space, draw the eye upwards, and make the entire room feel larger,” says Younis.

Alternatively, consider installing sconces on each side of the bed, even if you’re a renter. There are great plug-and-play sconces available in a range of styles and prices. No hardwiring is necessary. Sconces are also ideal for smaller bedrooms, such as guestrooms because they don't crowd up a nightstand quite the way a lamp does.

6. Architectural ceilings 

A bedroom with angular ceilings and two single-sized beds, with neutral decor and a subtle animal theme

(Image credit: Bungalowe/Shade Degges)

If you’re building a new home or renovating your bedroom, you may want to install an architectural ceiling. This is also a great idea for smaller rooms because it has a major design impact without using any floor or wall space. “If you have the ability to vault a ceiling or follow the existing roofline to show off the character of your home, do it! It can make a dramatic difference,” says Sapna Aggarwal of Bungalowe.

If you can’t install a full architectural ceiling, consider installing a ceiling medallion instead. This can be far less expensive than you probably imagine with options available at stores like Lowe's and Home Depot.

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