5 attic bedrooms to swoon over

These attic bedroom ideas are stylish, cosy and prove how much you can do with a smaller awkward space...

Attic bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors)

If you’ve decided to move ‘up’ and convert the loft into a stylish attic bedroom then you’ve come to the right place for some fab design ideas!

If your home is small yet you love the rest of the space then adapting the attic space is a great idea. Conversions can be challenging and you may have to compromise a little, but creating a new room is always going to be a win win and it will add value to your home. Decorating it is the fun bit so check out our inspirational ideas below!

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1. Create a cosy country style attic bedroom

Attic bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Button & Sprung)

High eaves, plywood walls, a log burner and lots of beautiful textures are all conducive in creating this fabulously cosy attic bedroom. It epitomises country style, the hand-crafted wooden bench at the bottom of the bed and the foraged finds are all great ways to give it a natural feel that suits the rustic nature of the space. Layer up your textures - slubby linen bedding with a button backed headboard teamed with a coir woven rug at the foot of the bed all help. Keep your colour palette simple, off whites, taupes and buff shades with charcoal to match the window frames and source earthenware pieces to complete the look. 

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2. Go for an allover paint colour 

Attic bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

In recent years painting everything the same colour has become a bit of a trend, and it’s easy to see why. It gives a space a modern twist even if the house has period features – in fact, deep skirtings and wooden beams lend themselves to this look and the appeal of not having to paint the woodwork in a contrasting colour is rather fabulous! In this attic bedroom the allover paint offers a refreshing and striking aspect, and we love how the colour comes from the patterned furnishings in their bold prints. 

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3. Pick a bold wallpaper for an attic bedroom ceiling 

Attic bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Industville)

How fabulous is this wallpaper? When you convert an attic you can be left with vast expanses of sloping walls that can look rather plain painted. Adding a highly patterned wallpaper creates a fabulously striking focal point and it works particularly well when you extend it onto the ceiling. Who wouldn’t want to lie in bed and study these clouds? Keep the rest of the scheme simple so the wallpaper remains the ‘star’ of the room and choose a pendant light that enhances rather than competes with the wallpaper design. 

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Attic bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Rebecca Hughes Interiors)

If wallpaper isn’t your thing, but you want to have some kind of decorative aspect on your walls then check out this stunning display of mirrors! Each one is unique – you can source your own vintage collection from eBay, antique shops or car boots, and hang them up to create a super stylish wall. To balance out the look keep your attic’s sloping wall plain so the eye is drawn directly to your mirror display - they will bounce the light around the room too!

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5. Add panelling for interest and texture

Attic bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Oakfurnitureland)

We’re partial to a bit of wall panelling - it can give an otherwise characterless space an instant boost and when used vertically it will give the illusion of height - this can be another attic room issue - low sloping ceilings. The  idea of painting up to dado rail height in black and keeping the rest and the ceiling in a paler shade is genius as attic rooms can be dark so being clever with your colour choices is key. Use your accessories to tie your chosen paint colours together for a cohesive look.