The best cushions to harmonise your home

Add a splash of colour or a dash of pattern to your home with our selection of the best cushions

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It’s hard to resist the urge to take home a selection of snazzy cushions each time you head to your local department store. But while the cushions may look nice on their own, alongside all of the other patterns and colours that already exist within your lounge or bedroom, the design may be too hectic, and end up making a space meant for relaxation seem like a the perfect recipe for a headache.

So what rules should you follow when picking out a pillow set? According to interior designers, you need to make sure you remain faithful to your colour palette. If your lounge or bedroom is already greyscale and purple, make sure your cushions also incorporate those colours. If you fancy going off piste from your colour palette, make sure you choose colours that sit at the opposite end of the colour spectrum, for example orange and purple. Then try and find a patterned pillow that incorporates hints of both colours to blend the theme together.

If you can’t help but lean towards patterns, make sure your room is symmetrical, that means keeping the pillows in the same layout sequence when it comes to size, pattern and colour. To make sure you don’t go overboard, try sticking to a one simple patterned, one busy patterned and one block colour cushion. Lastly, make sure larger cushions remain to the side of the sofa or the top of the bed and smaller ones remain in the middle; that’ll make sure everything in the room looks in proportion. 

So what can you expect from our collection of the best cushions? While it’s impossible to please everyone, our range of the best cushions contains colours that are often found in lounge or bedroom colour schemes. We’ve scoured the likes of Laura Ashley and other well known stylists to make sure we bring you the best variety, and the best quality. 

1. Laura Ashley Willow Leaf Hedgerow Cushion

A busy yet mellow cushion for toning into pale green and neutral shades

Best for: Adding extra comfort
Dimensions: W40xL50
Colour: Green/neutral
Material: 100% Cotton. Embroidery 100% Viscose
Reasons to buy
+ Large size for additional comfort + Light, neutral colours for subtle blending
Reasons to avoid
- Not machine washable 

This embroidered pillow plays on neutral greens. Mixing dark, lights and pale, creating or matching this cushion to a colour palette should be fairly simple. Laura Ashley have paired this cushion with similar shades of green and even block orange, which is its opposite shade on the colour wheel. Part of a larger matching range, you could even choose to run the Hedgerow theme throughout your home, creating flow and a unified look. 

2. Ted Baker Orient Blossom Cushion

A light, floral and slightly romantic number for the bedroom

Best for: A feminine touch
Colour: White/Pink
Material: 100% Cotton velvet
Reasons to buy
+ Creates an elegant palette + Part of a wider bed set 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too plush for a lounge 

Light, elegant and floral, this cushion is the perfect edition to any neutral, off pink bedroom. According to Ted Baker, it’ll also help to bring together elements of rustic orange. Made from 100% cotton velvet, it should be beautifully soft to touch, creating the perfect place to rest your head for a mid-afternoon snooze. Part of a wider bed set, this cushion can completely harmonise your room, creating a theme throughout.  

3. Sanderson Alencon Cushion

A simply patterned cushion to help you comply with the rule of 3

Best for: A subtle pattern
Dimensions: W45xL45
Colour: White and silver, or blue
Material: Cotton
Reasons to buy
+ Subtle detailing + Available in two colour themes 
Reasons to avoid
- Not good for palette ideas 

When it comes to the rule of simple pattern, busy pattern, block colour, this cushion inspired by ferns certainly ticks the first box. Available in both silver and white and blue tone, the design is subtle and will benefit from a similarly coloured block cushion to lift it from the sofa. If you’re looking to take palette ideas from a cushion, you may find it hard, as the colour options aren’t obvious. But for sheer elegance and simplicity, this cushion deserves a place in our list of the best. 

4. Orla Kiely Linear Stem Cushion

A fantastic cushion for building your colour palette

Best for: Finding your colour scheme
Dimensions: W50xL50
Colour: Multi-coloured
Material: 100% cotton
Reasons to buy
+ Bold, easy to match colours + Reversible 
Reasons to avoid
- More for modern homes 

If you’re struggling to come up with a design theme, one of the top pieces of advice from interior designers is - find a cushion and use it to build your colour palette. With so many different block colours to choose from in this design from 'Queen of Prints', Orla Kiely, picking one or two and building your room around them should be fairly simple. An added bonus is you can turn the pillow inside out to reveal a monochrome inner, perfect for switching up styles if you’re easily bored.  

5. Christy Palermo Cushion

Traditionalists will love the regal design of this cushion

Best for: A traditional centrepiece cushion
Dimensions: W45xL30
Colour: Gold or silver
Material: Cotton/Polyester
Reasons to buy
+ Busy pattern without being too overbearing + Rectangular design perfect for that middle cushion 
Reasons to avoid
- Not much contrast in colour 

Available in both gold and silver, these cushions are perfect for traditionalists looking to give their home a modern touch. With their longer shape, they could sit well as a centrepiece cushion and blend together either neutral or grey scale tones. Made from a durable combination of cotton and polyester and being completely machine washable, these cushions are well suited to busy homes.  

6. John Lewis Elin Cushion

A double sided cushion that delivers two bold designs

Best for: Bold patterning
Dimensions: W43xL43
Colour: Grey, white and yellow
Material: 100% Cotton
Reasons to buy
+ Two-sided design + Bold colours 
Reasons to avoid
- Not machine washable 

Whether you’re in a retro mood or a Scandi mood, this cushion covers all bases. One side is themed with boldly coloured tulips, while the other side brings the simple linear approach of the Scandinavian style. John Lewis recommend that you pair this cushion with plain pillows that complement its pallete, so think shades of grey or even citrine. Machine wash only, watch out for dirty paws or grubby fingers.  

7. Junipa Aria Embroidered Cushion

Combine style with ultimate comfort with this beautiful cushion

Best for: Comfort
Dimensions: W45xL45
Colour: Blue, Neutral
Material: 100% Cotton
Reasons to buy
+ Luxury, textured exterior + Double sided design 
Reasons to avoid
- Spot clean only 

This deep blue bohemian-style cushion should add depth of colour to a neutrally shaded room. There’s elements of luxury, including the hand embroidery and soft polyester filler, which make it an extra special buy. Because you’re paying for premium material, there’s the matter of keeping the cushion clean. Any marks and stains must be spot cleaned only, so make sure you have the appropriate cleaning products at hand if need be.