The best fridge freezer sales to store your fresh and frozen food on a budget

Strapped for cash? Save big with these fridge freezer sales. It's the only way to store more fresh and frozen food...

Fridge freezer sales: Hisense RQ563N4AI1 American Fridge Freezer
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Looking for a range of fridge freezer sales to have your pick from? Whether you're struggling to store enough food to see you and the family through a potential lockdown, or, your current fridge freezer is on its last knockings, we're here to help you score the best fridge freezer around for the best price. 

Prices now start from £299.99 for fridge freezers in the sale, or, if you're just after a cheap model not in the sale, £149.99.

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The best fridge freezer sales on now

The best refrigerator and fridge freezer deals

By price: Low to high

Candy CCBF5182WWK | Was £379.99, now £299.99 at Very
This frost-free fridge freezer features a water dispenser on the front and it comes in white to blend in with other kitchen appliances. In terms of capacity, there's 174 litres of fridge space and 81 litres of freezer area to fill, and it's rated A+ for energy. Right now there's money off if you're quick.View Deal

Swan SRB15440 55cm Integrated Fridge Freezer | Was £359.99, now £309.99 at Littlewoods
This integrated fridge freezer deal is a great option for those who want to a) save money and b) disguise their kitchen appliances. In total, the fridge freezer has a capacity of 242 litres from four fridge safety shelves, two fridge drawers for fruit and veg and meat and four door balconies. In the freezer there are four transparent drawers to store your food.View Deal

Hoover Integrated Fridge Freezer | Was £579.99, now £399.99 at Very
Ideal for smaller kitchens, this Hoover model is just 55cm wide so you don't need a lot of floorspace but you still get 148 litres of fridge space and 94 litres of freezer space. It currently has £250 off, and it's rated A+ for energy; it's also super quiet at just 38dBs.View Deal

LOGIK LSBSW18 American-Style Fridge Freezer | Was £459.99, now £409.99 at Currys
On the hunt for an affordable, white American-style fridge freezer? Bingo. This very large fridge freezer combo is frost-free and it features 339 litres of fridge space and 177 litres of freezer area.View Deal

Hisense RQ560N4WC1 American Style Multi-Door Fridge Freezer | Was £729.99, now £549.99 at Very
Need more fridge space? Upgrade to an American style fridge freezer. This is a great deal over on Very, with £180 off this Hisense model. What we love about this is just can really customise it to suit how you use your fridge. There are three sections that can all have different temperatures depending on what to want to store. View Deal

Hotpoint Day1 FFU3DK American Style, 70cm Wide, Frost-Free Fridge Freezer | Was £659.99, now £559.99 at Very
We love the sleek look of the fridge freezer, but it's not all style over substance. It's really spacious - you get a large storage volume of 450 litres spread across the 302-litre fridge and a 148-litre freezer. It's also got a section that is kept even cooler for meat and fish and the Precision Temperature Control feature means cool air is continuously flowing through the fridge to create a constant temperature.View Deal

Hotpoint Day 1 FFU4DK American Style fridge freezer | Was £929.99, now £889.99 at Littlewoods
With a lovely £40 off right now, this American-style fridge freezer is a steal. We love that it features freezer draws at the bottom to easily organise your food, while its A+ energy rating is a huge bonus.View Deal

Samsung RS52N3313SA/EU American Style Frost Free Fridge Freezer | Was £1,099.99, now £989.99 at Very
Another great fridge deal right here. For such a huge fridge it looks very sleek and minimalist. It features an elegant stainless steel finish and the doors are flat too so can sit flush to your kitchen cabinets. View Deal

The best cheap refrigerator and fridge freezers

By price: Low to high

Simple Value M48113FF Fridge Freezer | £149.99 at Argos
In need of a basic fridge freezer for a budget price? This one from Argos is compact, has a fridge capacity of 65 litres and a freezer capacity of 25 litres and it's rated A+ for energy.View Deal

Amica FD1714 70/30 Fridge Freezer | £156 at AO
For just £176, you can bag a 70/30 fridge freezer from AO this month. This one fits under the counter and features a reversible door to suit your kitchen layout, as well as door shelves to store larger items. It's an ideal buy for those who live on their own, as it can hold up to three bags of food shopping.View Deal

ESSENTIALS 70/30 Fridge Freezer | £159.99 at Currys
One of the cheapest fridge freezers we can find right now, this 70/30 model has a combined capacity of 207 litres. It has an A+ energy rating and features reversible doors as well as adjustable shelves.View Deal

ESSENTIALS C50BS16 60/40 Fridge Freezer | £169.99 at Currys
Available in grey or white, this fridge freezer is split into 60 per cent fridge and 40 per cent freezer. It's the perfect buy for those on a budget since it's spacious, features an inside light and it has an energy rating of A+.View Deal

Fridgemaster MC50165B 70/30 Fridge Freezer | £198.99 at Hughes
This is the cheapest large fridge freezer deal we could find on the internet. For just under £200, you can bag a 70/30 fridge freezer with a 165 litre capacity.View Deal

Hoover HCSB5172WKP Freestanding Fridge Freezer | £229 at Hughes
This Hoover freestanding fridge freezer is split 50/50 into frozen and fresh space and it has a capacity of 104 litres.
View Deal

LOGIK LFC50W19 50/50 Fridge Freezer | £249 at Currys
This LOGIK fridge freezer features 119 litres of fridge space and 53 litres of freezer space. It also has an A+ energy rating as well as frost free technology and fast chill technology to cool your food down as soon as it leaves your shopping bag.View Deal

Fridgemaster MC55264D 70/30 Fridge Freezer | £259 at AO
Available in your choice of white, black or silver, this A+ rated fridge freezer has enough space to hold 14 bags of food shopping.View Deal

electriq 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer at Appliances Direct | £269.97
Store up to 16 bags of food shopping at once in this 295 litre fridge freezer. It has an A+ energy rating, reversible doors, several shelves and a full-width salad draw.View Deal

Hotpoint First Edition HBD5517S 50/50 Fridge Freezer | £270 at AO
This fridge freezer is a bargain at just £270. It has a 253 litre capacity (that's 13 shopping bags), including a fruit and veg drawer.View Deal

Hotpoint First Edition HBD5515S Fridge Freezer | £279 at Hughes
This silver fridge freezer is rated A+ for energy and it's split 70/30. It's a great option for large households since it has a huge 217 litre capacity – in other words that's 12 shopping bags.View Deal

Beko CRFG1582W 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer | £279 at AO
Need something to hold a huge 14 bags of food shopping? This Beko fridge freezer is it. It's frost-free and also features a special coating to prevent mould building up. View Deal

Russell Hobbs RHUCFF50W Under-Counter Freestanding Fridge Freezer | £294.99 at Littlewoods
On the hunt for a fridge freezer to fit in a small space? Bingo. This one from Littlewoods can squeeze under your kitchen worktop and it comes with a free two-year guarantee.View Deal

KENWOOD Integrated Fridge Freezer | £294.99 at Currys
Looking for an affordable integrated fridge freezer? This Kenwood model is split 70 to 30 and it's under £300. It features plenty of space to store both food and wine, and it has an alarm inside to alert you when a door is accidentally left open.View Deal

MONTPELLIER 50/50 Fridge Freezer | £309.99 at Currys
This Montpellier fridge freezer is split 50/50 and it features frost free technology, fast chill technology and it has an energy rating of A++. Apart from the fact it looks good, it's a great model to spend your money on as it has a water dispenser built-in and it doesn't need to be plumbed.View Deal

BEKO CXFP1582D1S 50/50 Fridge Freezer | £329.99 at Currys
This Beko fridge freezer is split 50/50 for those who rely on frozen food as much as fresh. It features a (no plumbing required) water dispenser on the front as well as a reversible door to ensure it fits in your kitchen no matter its layout.View Deal

GRUNDIG GKF15810N 50/50 Fridge Freezer | £399.99 at Currys
This brushed steel fridge freezer offering from Grundig comes with a wine rack inside to keep your vino chilled.View Deal

Hotpoint H3T811IW 70/30 Frost Free Fridge Freezer | £419 at AO
This basic frost free fridge freezer from Hotpoint is available in white or stainless steel, and it's rated A+ for energy. In total it has a capacity of 234 litres and it features a drawer for fruit and veg to keep it crispy. View Deal

Bush MSBSNFSS American Fridge Freezer | £429.99 at Argos
Available in black or stainless steel, we think this is a bargain price for an American fridge freezer. Inside there are six shelves, one veg compartment, one salad crisper section and the fridge door is super deep. A huge 19 bags of food shopping fit in the fridge and 10 in the freezer.View Deal

Swan SR70110B 90cm American-Style Fridge Freezer | £659.99 at Littlewoods
This large fridge freezer features a non-plumbed water dispenser, and it has 342 litres of fridge space as well as 183 litres of freezer space. It also looks good, featuring double doors and a black finish.View Deal

HISENSE PureFlat RQ563N4AI1 Fridge Freezer | £769.99 at Currys
This HiSense fridge freezer is a great buy for those going for a minimalist kitchen look. The fridge features four doors: two for the 290 litres of fridge space and two for the 142 litres of freezer space. It comes in your choice of silver or black, too.View Deal

Cheap fridge and freezer deals by type

Don't sweat if you haven't found what you're looking for above, as we've got tons more cheap fridge and freezers below. We've also filtered them by type to make it easier for you. Use the links on the right to click on what you'd like to see.

The best fridge freezer deals

We've rounded up the best of the best fridge freezers to spend your hard-earned £££s on right now. Below, you'll find each model along with the cheapest price on the internet. You're welcome...

The best American-style fridge freezer deals

Want an American-style one instead? One of these best American-style fridge freezers will be sure to tickle your fancy.

The best mini fridge deals

In the market for a mini fridge? Whether it's to have near your bed or under your desk at the office, this is an important purchase as nine times out of 10, it's used to store snacks. Find the best mini fridges below.

The best wine fridge deals

A wine fridge is one of those purchases you never knew you needed until you own one, and then you question how you ever lived without one. Here are the best wine fridges as rated by the team.

The best under-counter fridge deals

One of these best under-counter fridges will fit neatly in a space under your worktop. They range from integrated to freestanding models, too.

The best chest freezer deals

An ideal purchase for a garage or utility room, especially if you rely on freezer food a lot or live in a big family, these best chest freezers are worth a look.

The best upright freezer deals

An upright freezer has the ability to store heaps of frozen food no problem. Find our pick of the best upright freezers below from under-counter versions to tall models.

Is the fridge or freezer I like right for my kitchen?

Before you buy in a rush, desperate to score that brilliant deal, be sure to check you've got an appliance in the right size and configuration. Always consider the space you have available, too. A side-by-side fridge-freezer may look magnificent in the brochure, but will overwhelm small kitchens. A slender fridge-on-top, freezer-at-the-bottom model is best for compact rooms, and if you don’t freeze much, a tall fridge with a single freezer compartment will suffice. 

For those who enjoy their wine, a bottle rack is beneficial, and for those who store enough sauces and condiments to run their own café, extra door storage would be most useful. Consider integrated fridges and freezers, too – these are ideal for both small kitchens and ones you want to look completely streamlined.

It's also worth thinking about its interior capacity. Some, like Doctor Who’s Tardis, are bigger than they appear on the outside, so be mindful of the litre capacity, as being stuck with a fridge or freezer that’s smaller than you need is an expensive mistake.

Fridge freezer features to look out for

If you just want a fridge to store your food in and that's it, then the majority of fridges and freezers will suffice. However, look out for models with a water dispenser, an ice dispenser, and even smart appliances, complete with built-in Wi-Fi and cameras. Don't forget to look out for your new fridge or freezer's energy rating, too.  

You should also note the noise output in decibels. If you're looking to store the product in a garage or annexe, it's not as much of a problem, but if you have an open plan kitchen diner and living space, be sure to go for an fridge or freezer which won't disturb your downtime. 

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