French-style decor buys for small living rooms — 9 chic picks

These French-style decor pieces will elevate any small living room

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French-style decor in a small living room is a timeless design that will last for years to come. It has a distinctive look that can make any room look super chic, even if you’re on a budget.

I’ve seen so many French people on TikTok and Instagram use French-style decor (sometimes known as “French girl decor”) in their homes to make it look refined, and I’m officially obsessed. Vintage style pieces, floral motifs, and gold detailing are all key parts of getting this look, which are easy to incorporate into any home’s style.

If you’re thinking that adding a certain je nais sais quoi to your place is a great small living room idea, I’ve got you. I’ve rounded up a range of decor buys that will help you get that French-style look in your small space or rental. 

9 small living room buys that are oh-so-French

From fabulous furnishings to elegant finishing touches, these buys will make your small living room feel cozy and stylish.

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What is French style decor?

Let’s be real: It isn’t just sticking a French flag in your home. “French-inspired decor is all about a mix of traditional elements and modern chic,” says interior design expert Kathy Kuo. “Feminine floral motifs, antiqued mirrors, and vintage-style or farmhouse-esque furnishings are all hallmarks of a French aesthetic.”

How can I add French style decor to my home?

Want to know how to add French-style decor to your place? “Using upscale textiles like velvet and linen, along with decorative objects featuring a pop of gold, brass, or silver, will achieve a decidedly Parisian effect,” Kuo explains. 

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Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is an interior design expert and founder of Kathy Kuo Home, which is a premiere e-destination with a beautifully curated collection of luxury furniture and decor. Kathy Kuo Home also offers an interior design services menu.

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