10 eco-friendly Amazon buys to help save the planet (one bamboo item at a time)

Looking for eco-friendly Amazon buys? Be kind to our planet and switch your everyday favourites to sustainable or bamboo options like these...

Eco-friendly Amazon buys: MORGIANA Store Bamboo Dinnerware Set
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Using lockdown as the perfect time to buy some eco-friendly Amazon products? Smart idea. These simple switches will have you feeling better about your impact on the environment, fast. And, you needn't head out to the (busy) shops to make these changes – you can buy this stuff from Amazon today, and it should be on your doorstep tomorrow. We love to hear it.

These Amazon eco-friendly buys include everything from a way to make your skincare routine waste-free, something the kids will love, and even eco-friendly toilet paper. Don't waste your money on any more plastic-based products and vow to become more planet-friendly once and for all. It's quite easy – trust us!

Looking ahead at Christmas? Shop our eco-friendly gifts for Christmas guide and gift some sustainable buys this year.

10 eco-friendly Amazon buys

1. Biodegradable cleaning cloths for wiping sides, cleaning dishes and more

2. A bamboo dinner set that's unbreakable and perfect for picnics

3. A mould and mildew resistant shower curtain that's eco-friendly, too

4. Buy this wooden bike for your toddler for Christmas

5. Get those dishes sparkling clean with help from this bamboo brush

6. Wash your clothes the eco-friendly way with this money-saving egg (not the fried kind)

7. Replace your normal cotton pads with these reusable ones that are waste-free

8. Eco toilet paper that's 100% bamboo and chemical-free

9. Reusable fruit and veg backs to use while food shopping

10. Bamboo toothbrushes for the whole family!

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