Contemporary internal doors

A look at the latest contemporary designs of internal doors for your home.

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Matthew Todd, owner of Todd Doors, shares his tips for buying a new internal door.

What’s on trend?

Oak and walnut internal doors with subtle finishes designed to highlight the texture of the wood, such as those with a matt lacquer in a natural or smoked oak, are on trend for 2014. Modern timber doors are also popular and look great in a painted finish, such as matt black or a cool grey.

What should you consider before buying?

Think about any other wood finishes in the room and whether you want to match your door to your existing flooring or furniture. If your room is a little dark, consider ordering a door with glazed panels – go for acid-etched glass for privacy or clear glass to maximise light. If space is tight, look at the pocket door systems. A sliding door is a great way to partition a room without taking up space.

Ensuring that the style of the doors and ironmongery is consistent throughout the house is highly recommended. If you are replacing all the doors in your house with a natural finish timber door, order them all together to make sure they come from the same batch. How do you spot quality?

Look at the consistency of veneer selection and colour across a door. If the door has multiple panels, check that the grain runs through from the top to the bottom of the door. You should expect a smooth, clean finish to mouldings, and tight joints. Most of all, look for attention to detail in the design.

Are there any eco points to think about?

Since March 2013, all doors that enter the UK must meet tough environmental and sustainability standards. It is no longer possible to bring timber-based products into the EU if you cannot demonstrate evidence of where the raw materials have come from – known as the chain of custody. For the consumer, this has addressed any concerns about the source of their door being reputable.

Transform your interior space with these latest contemporary designs – choose from a wide range of bespoke options of off-the-shelf styles.

Under £160





Under £300

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With its dark colourway, the ash grey Zanzibar by LPD Doors offers a dramatic look. Available from Oakwood Doors for £250 for a door measuring.(H)198.1x(W)68.6x(D)3.5cm, the Zanzibar is also available in lighter grey shades and with glazing.



Up to £3,200



Horizontal grooves enhance the contemporary style of this modern door from Sunfold Systems. The Fine Art 1 LA-240-Q cross glazed style is made from zebrano wood and comes with frames and ironmongery. The door is priced from £1,200 for a design measuring (H)198.5x(W)86x(D)12-14cm.