Installing a new front door in a Victorian terrace

Guest blogger Maxine Brady has a new front door fitted in a bid to improve her home’s curb appeal – and shares how you can save £50 on a replacement door for your property

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The door of my Victorian terrace was painted in layers of old, chipped blue paint and it had warped badly in the wet weather. There was also a huge, draughty gap under the door which allowed wind straight into the house. On top of all that, the lock was unreliable and unsafe.

installing a new front door in a victorian terrace

The solution

When choosing the new front door, I wanted a modern option that would keep the cold out and the warmth in. I found my perfect door from a company called Adoored. I designed my door online using their web tool. Once I placed my order, one of their team came out to assess my front door, and in less than four weeks it was fitted. Here I am, proud as punch, with my new door.

a chipped blue door on a Victorian terraced house

Maxine’s original door was a chipped blue mess, warped by the weather and ultimately unsafe

New look

I picked a wood-effect door from a contemporary collection called ‘Vienna’. I went for white as I wanted it to match my newly restored sash windows I also have plans to paint the exterior of my Victorian house a bold colour, so the white door and windows will really complement not contrast with it!

new wood effect door on a Victorian terrace

The door it’s self cost £653 and included measurements, the bespoke door and the lock, all from Adoored

I added an extra-long slim ‘window’ in the door to let in lots of light into my dark hallway. I had it frosted to keep hold of some privacy.

The door came with new Yale lock – it is so secure and safe that when I tell my insurance company, they should reduce my contents insurance.

As I write, I have my decorator in to paint the front of my house in Spearmint by Little Greene Paint Company. When that is finished, I will show you the rest of my ‘curb appeal makeover’.  I’m putting lots of photos on Facebook as it is painted each day, so if you don’t wait for me to post, go and check it out.

I also did a short video on the makeover which you can watch here… on my YouTube Channel.

The costs

The door itself was £653, excluding fitting. That sounds pricey but when I worked out that included:

It felt good value for money to me.

a new lock on the front door of a victorian terrace house

The new door not only increases the curb appeal of the Victorian terrace, with a new lock it also makes it more secure

Exclusive discount code

When I emailed the team at Adoored and told them how much I loved my door, they offered me a £50 discount to share among my friends. All you have to do is visit my blog for the code – and when you place your order they will take £50 off. The code is valid until March 9, 2017, so you have ages to pick out your new door.

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