Wow! This £25 Amazon buy can make your old sofa look as good as new

Got an old sofa that needs a spruce up? Check out this fab cheap sofa hack

Amazon sofa cover
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So you've inherited an old sofa, or maybe you are renting and therefore have the standard faux leather sofa that's favoured by landlords the world over that no matter how many times you wipe it down always feels just slightly sticky. Fear not, Amazon have you covered with this fab product that we can't believe we have never tried to hunt down before – a sofa cover.

It's basically like a sock for your sofa, you buy the one that fits yours and then stretch it over, tuck it in and voila, bye bye vile fabric, bye-bye unexplained stickiness. The best bit is they are only £25 and actually come in some quite cute designs. 

Keep scrolling to find out more, and if your sofa really is beyond repair head to our guide to the best sofa next. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

Carvapet Sofa Cover | Prices from £24.99 on Amazon
Seeee it looks cute right? We imagine it will look even cuter on your sofa with a few cushions, a throw maybe. They are other, more bold patterns if that's what you are looking for but personally we like the textured grey cover best. You can choose between a 2-seater, 3-seater or 4-seater and it's designed to fit any sofa shape (don't ask us how that works, but you do get very clear instructions). It's also machine washable so you can strip it off, bung it in the wash and it will come out good as new. 

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