Working from home and need faster broadband? Here's how to upgrade

Millions of us started working from home when lockdown was introduced, doubling the sales of high-speed broadband. Here's how to upgrade your package now with a fast connection...

Working from home and deed a broadband deal
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If it looks like you'll be working from home long-term, despite the relaxation of lockdown and social distancing rules, you're probably looking for faster broadband – and a new broadband package – along with most of the country. 

Newly released data from MoneySupermarket suggests that high-speed broadband sales – we're talking 61 megabits per second and more – skyrocketed during the start of the UK lockdown. The first three weeks of lockdown saw a 99 per cent spike in high-speed broadband sales, the majority of which were high speed in order to fuel working from home, a family's social media habits and catching up with friends and family online.

Comparing data from last year's sales around the same period to this year's sales, Money Supermarket estimates that straight after social distancing and lockdown measures were introduced, broadband sales doubled. The same period the year before actually saw a 33 per cent drop. These broadband sales were not necessarily a case of people switching broadband provider – it was hard to at this point – but simply just boosting their current package.

So, if your broadband is a little bit slow now everyone's at home but you don't want to change provider, why not bump up your speeds? Here's how: we've listed two top high-speed broadband deals below.

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 24 months | 63Mb | £25 per month
Superfast 2 comes is on a 24-month contract so that you pay a cheaper price for longer. This broadband package works at an average speed of 63 megabits per second and benefits from unlimited downloads. Setup is free meaning there are no hidden costs and line rental is included, but it's pay as you go. Total price for 24 months: £550.80.View Deal

M350 Fibre Broadband and Phone | 362Mb | £43 per month
This is the strongest broadband-only package Virgin Media offer, and it's the UK's fastest widely available broadband with average Wi-Fi speeds of 362Mb. Total price for one year: £516.View Deal

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