Want the best Amazon Prime Day deals? Ask Alexa

Amazon Alexa users will get exclusive Prime Day deals, starting from today

Amazon Alexa
(Image credit: Amazon)

'Alexa, what are your deals?' If you give this voice command to Amazon's voice assistant, you're looking to benefit from an exclusive Prime Day sale preview, ahead of the main event on the 15th and 16th July. It ends at 11:59AM PT so if you live in sunny CA, you still have an hour to grab them!

What can you get in the exclusive voice sale preview? Lots – from luggage to smart tech, including smart lighting and smart plugs. Don't have Amazon Prime, but use Alexa? Ask to 'sign me up to Prime', and you'll get an exclusive deal on Prime membership. Or, you can use our expert guide to get free Prime membership in time for Prime Day (and beyond).

And if you don't have Alexa but still want to take advantage of this year's massive Amazon Prime event, you can order an Alexa device such as the Echo Dot speaker right now at a great price.