Outdoor fire pit sales: hot deals to enjoy your garden day and night

There is nothing hotter than a good fire pit sale. Enjoy longer evenings in the garden with these offers

cheap fire pit from Lidl
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These outdoor fire pit sales mean we will be spending even more time in the garden. Yes as we are all staying home, those with outdoor space will be spending much more time in it – but if you find it a bit chilly to stay out when the sun goes down, a fire pit is just what you need.

A great centerpiece to your garden, who doesn't love the idea of cozying up round their fire pit with a few drinks and snacks? So if you have been taking dinnertime outside, instead of heading in to watch more Netflix, stay outside and stay warm with one of these great fire pit deals.

Looking for something to cook on? Some of these fire pits come with a grill, but you might want to check out our best BBQs. First scroll on for the best fire pit sales – they are listed US first, but you can jump straight to the best UK fire pit sales.

Cheap outdoor fire pit deals

Best US fire pit sales

Loads of stores have sales on garden lines right now, including their fire pits. Head straight to shop them using the links below, or scroll down to see our selection of the best deals.

Best UK fire pit sales

With the sunny Easter weather, our favourite stores have delivered these great fire pit deals. See all offers from all online stores in the list below, then scroll to shop the best deals.

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