Best hot tub deals: get a spa for your back yard in the Black Friday sales

These are the best hot tub deals around: set up, fill, go!

Lay-Z spa hot tub on sale
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If you've been after the best hot tub deals since the summer and have had no luck, it might be about to change. We've spotted plenty of hot tubs in the Black Friday sales, including the coveted Lay-Z Spa tubs. Whether you want an inflatable hot tub or a hard shell one to permanently occupy a spot on your patio, we have you covered. 

Where to buy hot tubs online

Hot tubs are the sell-out item of this season, so it's worth checking the top hot tub retailers for spas and pools as they come in, because they sell out very quickly. Try the following shops to snap one up:

  • Argos – a good selection of cheaper hot tubs, but bear in mind that many have limited stock, so you'll need to type in your post code to see if there are any available in your area
  • Amazon– Although many hot tubs are currently out of stock, there are sevelal good offers from authorised Amazon sellers, including on Lay-Z spas
  • Wayfair – a great selection of Canadian Spa hot tubs and inflatable pools
  • Homebase – a good selection of Canadian Spa hot tubs, a good range of prices
  • The Range – inflatable pools and hard-standing options

Best hot tub deals 

Due to exceptional demand, the online selection of hot tubs is still somewhat limited, but we have found some great current deals on both budget and luxury hot tubs.

Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet  | £499.95 £399.96 at All Round Fun 

Feating a rapid heating system and 80 jets, the Havana is perfect for four people to unwind in; it's fabric coated for a soft touch and comes with a clip-on leatheroid cover and a remote control. View Deal

CosySpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa | £349.99 at Amazon

This extremely good-value inflatable spa comes with head rests and a drinks tray and can be set up in just five minutes. It's quite large-sized, so although it's a four-person tub, it could accommodate up to six people.View Deal

MSpa Silver Cloud 2019 Edition Hot Tub | £569.99 £517.40

This great, affordable hot tub inflates in just two minutes, and then it pampers your body with 118 air jets fora supremely relaxing experience. Comes with abuilt-in Spa Cover, wired controller, and spare filter cartridge.View Deal

MSpa D-TE06 Tekapo 6 Person Portable Square Hot Tub | £690.95 590.95 at Amazon

This luxurious (and portable) spa releases thousands of massaging bubbles through its 132 jet streams, and will inflate itself through a remote control mechanism. All you need to do is get in and relax. View Deal

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub | £623.48 at Amazon 

Generously sized to fit four to six people, this inflatable hot tub from Lay-Z Spa is easy to set up, heats up to a blissful 40 degrees, and includes a Lay-Z-Massage Jet System.View Deal

Canadian Spa Okanagan 10 Jet 4 Person Spa | £3,215 on Homebase
Ok, so probably not accommodated by every budget, but if you have room for a permanent fixture, this hot tub is the real deal. The price includes delivery, and operation is as easy as plug and play. Estimated delivery is currently 56 days.View Deal

Lay-Z Spa hot tub deals

Lay-Z-Spa is a household name when it comes to home hot tubs, so no wonder all models but one – the Barbados – are currently sold out on the brand's website. You can sign up to be notified of new stock of each hot tub model by email. 

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun 2-4 Person Hot Tub | £320 at Argos
This hot tub is one of the cheapest one we've found on the web today. For just £320 it can seat four adults and it has 81 air jets. Do note that this item now has 'limited stock' at Argos, meaning you'll have to type in your post code to see if you can get it delivered.

Keep scrolling for more Lay-Z-Spa hot tub dealsView Deal

Lay-Z-Spa Havana Airjet  | £499.95 £399.96 at All Round Fun 

Feating a rapid heating system and 80 jets, the Havana is perfect for four people to unwind in; it's fabric coated for a soft touch and comes with a clip-on leatheroid cover and a remote control. View Deal

Lay Z Spa Bali 2-4 Person LED Hot Tub | £400 at Argos
The Lazy-Z-Spa Bali is similar to the hot tub above but benefits from seven built in colour changing LED lights. Fancy. It's great for small spaces and features an energy saving timer to pre-heat when it suits you.View Deal

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub | Was £838.35, now £549.99 at Amazon

This bestselling hot tub is very difficult to find online, so hurry up, as Amazon only have 10 of these at the time of writing. Fitting up to four people, it heats up to a lovely 40-degree temperature, and includes a Lay-Z-Massage Jet System.View Deal

Lay-Z Spa Barbados Air Jet | £599 at Lay-Z Spa 

This hot tub is very energy efficient, featuring an insulated liner and lid, so you don't have to heat the water too often. It also connects to an app on your phone via wi-fi – very handy if you need to get it going before venturing outside in the cold. View Deal

Cheap hot tub deals:

Just want a quality, affordable hot tub ASAP? Here's our pick of the cheapest hot tubs on offer right now. Please note that some may not be available right now, but we will keep you updated wherever possible.

Garden pools and spas

Ok, so the hot tubs are selling out super fast. But if you were after something more affordable anyway, there are plenty of large, heavy duty pools on offer. They aren't heated, but you can use warm water in some of them, or just tough it out and hope for a hot day.

Bestway 10ft Quick Up Round Family Pool | £60 at Argos
While there are no jets in this family pool, it will provide hours of fun for just £60. It's easy to set up and comes with a cover.View Deal

Summer Waves 10ft Round Frame Family Pool | £150 at Argos
This above-ground swimming pool is an absolute bargain! While it may not have jets, it is 10 ft round so will fit the whole family.View Deal

Cheap inflatable pool deals

More costa del garden essentials: