5 Amazon Launchpad kitchen gadgets that'll make adulting easier than ever

From a digital meat thermometer to an indoor grill, these kitchen gadgets changed my life.

kitchen gadgets on display in the kitchen
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Raise your hand if you're cooking skills are more Kitchen Nightmare than Top Chef? A few of you — great, I'm not alone.

 It doesn't matter if I have the best blender or the best non-stick cooking pan or how many kitchen gadgets I have stocked in my kitchen. When it comes to serving up meals (no matter how simple they may be), my level of expertise is underwhelming. 

Nevertheless, I still try — and that's how I found myself once more in my kitchen, testing out a handful of brand-new kitchen gadgets from Amazon Launchpad. Only this time, I knew better, and instead of looking for the latest and greatest items on the market, I gravitated towards ones that were top-rated and highly favored. 

Instead, these kitchen gadgets doubled as life hacks, which was something I desperately needed. These items solved a slew of current kitchen-related problems I was facing — and the verdict? I was surprisingly pleased. 

One kitchen gadget ended my non-zip baggie struggles, whereas another solved how to stop overspending at Starbucks. 

The magic of these items was honestly endless — so much so: that if you are looking to master the art of the kitchen, these are the five kitchen gadgets I'd recommend from Amazon Launchpad to do so. 

5 kitchen gadgets worth the investment

1. A blade-free electric can opener

kitchen gadget: electric can opener from amazon launchpad

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2. This machine that rivals Starbucks

sous vide machine kitchen gadget

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3. A top-of-the-line vacuum-sealer

kitchen gadget: vacuum sealer for bags

(Image credit: Amazon Launchpad)

4. An indoor-approved grill 

indoor grill for kitchen gadgets

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5. Pair this wireless thermometer with the previously-mentioned grill

Kitchen gadget: meath thermometer

(Image credit: Amazon Launchpad)
Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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