Ikea's smart blinds are a quick, affordable way to boost your home security

Control your Ikea smart blinds from your smart phone to give the impression that you're home – even when you're not

Ikea smart blinds
(Image credit: Ikea)

We've spoken about Ikea smart blinds a couple of times before in anticipation of their release in the US on 1st October. But, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to chat about them just one more time, as we edge closer to winter and start thinking more seriously about home security. 

With crime rates set to increase as the nights get longer and darker – and with many of us planning trips to visit friends and family over the festive season – there's never been a better time to think about how we intend on protecting our homes while we're away. Ikea's smart blinds provide a practical – and pretty affordable – solution.

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What is a smart blind?

Ikea smart blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)
What is a smart blind?

The ability to connect your blind to your smart phone is what makes it 'smart.' Far from being a gimmick, this makes it easy to set schedules, operate blinds in hard-to-reach areas and give the impression that someone's home – even when they're not.

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So, what is a smart blind? And how can they help enhance home security? Here's everything you need to know:

Control your blinds from any location, using your smart phone

Heading away for the holidays, or to visit relatives over the festive period? Smart blinds are just what you need to give the impression that someone's home – even when they're not. Raise your blinds, as you usually would in the morning, and lower them as it starts to get dark in a bid to ward off onlookers. How? Using your synced smart phone of course... Pair them with smart plugs or smart lightbulbs to turn on lights, too, and your house will look fully occupied.

Or set schedules 

If you know you'll forget to think about your blinds, or don't want to have to think about them while you're away, it's also possible to set schedules that will automatically open and close your blinds without you having to do anything – other that establish the schedules in the first place.

Affordable price point

There are tons of smart blinds on offer, but we think Ikea's smart blinds retail at a super affordable price point when compared with similar offerings from competitors. Plus, they look good, too – and if you've furnished your home with Ikea buys, they'll fit right in.

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