How to remove candle wax from the carpet: you need ice or even frozen peas...

Did a relaxing evening turn into a stressful candle wax on the carpet situation? Discover how to remove candle wax from the carpet fast

cleaning stains from a carpet
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Need to know how to remove candle wax from the carpet? Candlelight makes for an intimate atmosphere we all love. But if a candle drips wax on to the carpet, you need a fix that’ll rescue your floor covering in double quick time – and restore the restful and intimate mood.

Our advice? Follow these steps and you can remove the offending substance without too much effort. Plus you can get the full rundown on how to clean a carpet in our guide.

What is the easiest way to remove candle wax?

Grab a bag of ice cubes or an ice pack if you have one. Failing that, a bag of frozen peas or similar can be a great stand in. Wrap in a clean tea towel. Apply to the wax to freeze it. Once it’s solid, scrape – gently – off the floor with a palette or similar style knife. 

If that doesn’t get all of the wax, you can place a paper towel or paper bag on top of the wax and use your iron on a low setting (no steam) over the wax, which should be drawn out of the carpet. Move the towel or paper as you go, so there’s always a fresh surface to absorb the wax. 

You may need a stain remover afterwards. We like HG Spot & Stain Spray Cleaner. All done? Vacuum to restore the carpet pile when it’s dry.

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