How to descale a kettle – quickly, with ONE ingredient

If you want to know how to descale a kettle in under half an hour, this method is for you. And you only need one ingredient

Salter kettle cream aldi
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If you need a quick tip on how to descale a kettle, your search is over. Forget commercial products that come in excessive packaging – it absolutely isn't necessary to buy a specialised kettle de-scaling product, because the inside of a kettle isn't really that different from an iron, a shower head, or any other surface that gets covered in limescale due to hard water.

We have lots of different methods for how to clean a kettle in our longer guide, but if you need to de-scale yours quickly, read on for to find out what one ingredient you need to get rid of limescale safely from any type of kettle. 

How to descale a kettle: in just 25 minutes

And the winner ingredient, it's not vinegar. Although vinegar is a popular cleaning ingredient for all over the house, it's not out first choice for removing limescale. Firstly, vinegar takes a while to work on limescale; secondly, we personally don't fancy the smell. 

What you really need is citric acid, in powder form. It's the ingredient that products marketed as descaling sachets are made from, so you really don't need anything called 'kettle de-scaler', just food-grade citric acid. 

Simply boil your kettle and add two to four tablespoons of the citric acid powder (or a sachet, if that's the format you're buying it in) to the boiled water. Leave to soak for 25 minutes. You will see some fizzing action. Simply empty and rinse. That's it. The easiest kettle de-scaling hack ever. What's even better is you can use citric acid for freshening up your washing machine, cleaning shower tiles and your shower head. It's as useful around the house as baking soda. 

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