Here's how to clean your washing machine according to Mrs Hinch

Mrs Hinch's top tricks and products for cleaning washing machines – and where to get them

How to clean a washing machine
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There's nothing Mrs Hinch doesn't have a cleaning solution for, and her method for cleaning a washing machine is genius. The queen of cleaning knows her products, combining commercial cleaners with natural and super effective cleaning agents such as bicarbonate of soda.

To get your washing machine sparkling the way Mrs Hinch does it, you will need:

Mrs Hinch's washing machine cleaning kit

(Image credit: Mrs Hinch)

The Flash spray can be sprayed all over the drum and tray for basic stain removal and disinfecting action. The baking soda is then sprinkled on and allowed to sit inside the drawer compartment for a while. Meanwhile, the diluted Zoflora works wonders to restore cleanliness and shine to the door and rubber seal.

But we think that Mrs Hinch's most inspired solution for cleaning washing machines is the Sonic Scrubber, which is a bit like an electric toothbrush, but for cleaning your house. Toothbrushes have been used for ages to clean washing machine trays and tray areas, and the Sonic Scrubber just speeds up the whole process, which means less overall cleaning time (yay!). 

Finally, don't forget to put your washing machine on a hot cycle with the remaining baking soda to ensure a complete hygienic clean.

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