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Here's how to clean a washing machine –with our ultimate DIY cleaner

Want to clean a washing machine effectively, without using commercial cleaning products? You can make your own washing machine cleaner with three simple ingredients

how to clean a washing machine
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Want to know how to clean your washing machine to the same standard achieved with commercial cleaning products, but using only DIY ingredients? It's actually very easy to make something very similar to shop-bought washing machine cleaner tablets at home.

All we've really done here is looked at ingredient lists of some of our favourite washing machine cleaning products and have recreated them ourselves. This method is guaranteed to be cost-effective, because you can bulk buy the individual ingredients very cheaply – and you can also use them to clean other areas in your home, including sinks, tiles, ovens, and kitchen worktops. 

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DIY washing machine cleaner recipe

You will need:

  • Sodium chloride, aka salt
  • Sodium percarbonate, aka baking soda+bleach
  • Citric acid, in powder form

1. Simply combine equal parts of all three powders in a small bowl and add directly to the drum of your machine. 

2. Run on a hot cycle. 

This powerful trio works to clean, descale, and deodorise your machine, as well as disinfecting it. This method is more effective than just adding baking soda or bleach to your machine, and the addition of the salt will deliver a nice scrubbing action without damaging your machine. 

And if you feel like your washing machine needs a serious disinfecting action, try adding a bit of Epsom salt instead of regular salt. The high magnesium content is an excellent  antibacterial agent.

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