Missing the spa? We found the best massagers for an at-home experience — and so many of them are on sale

Need a little TLC? These are the 7 best massagers to give you the R&R you so deserve — and most of them are marked down!

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Dreaming of a massage or a luxurious day at the spa? Right about now – aren't we all. A spa day is topping just about everyone's list, but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many of us are opting out of treating ourselves to the R&R we all desperately need. 

So, what's the solution here? Well, you have one of the choices: either continue to embrace the wear-and-tear your body is dealing with due to uncomfortable home office chairs (and poor posture), or do something about it. 

If you're asking us? The second choice is highly more favorable than the first. Although we also understand many of us might not know what to do here or how to do it. Is this starting to sound like you? 

Rest assure (no pun intended!), we're here to help – or at least, Amazon is. 

For anyone who's looking to embrace an at-home spa-like experience, Amazon is a fantastic place to start. Among the endless Black Friday deals available, this fan-favorite retailer is a mind reader. And why is that? Amazon just so happened to markdown so many of the best massagers on the market. 

From foot massagers to neck massagers to full-body massagers, it's one perfect pick after another! And, even better? Every single option will cure all of your body's ailments. Now, with that said, we also understand you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many options. Which in that case? It's the last thing we want (seriously,) and we're here to help. 

We've gone ahead and rounded up the seven best massagers on sale right now. And trust us, you'll want every single one of them — so hurry! Time is running out! 

Oh, and as an added bonus? Why not upgrade your office chair while you're at it? Our best armchair guide offers up supreme options (all as comfortable as ever!). 

Still, want more? Check out more of Amazon's best massagers, also on sale below: 

Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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