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Been forced to WFH? These Amazon deals will sort your office set up just in time

If Coronavirus concerns have you working from home, make sure you have the tools to do so with these Amazon home office deals

 WFH: DlandHome 43 Inches Home Desk with 3-Drawers, Modern Office Computer Desk Workstation, Writing Desk with Spacious Desktop, Bedroom Dresser Table
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For those of us who don't usually work from home, suddenly having to can be a little bit hard to get used to. But recent events – thanks, Coronavirus – could mean more of us join the WFH gang for a bit and need to be equipped to do so.

A dining table might be ok for occasional working from home days, and laptop out on the sofa in your PJs is a treat for the first day or two, but your back (and boss) are going to need a proper home office set up if this period of self isolation is going to be a productive one. So, where can you get office furniture and accessories at such short notice? Amazon, of course.

We have had a good scour – partly for you, partly for ourselves, RealHomes Towers is shut, too, at the moment – for the best Amazon office furniture right now. Our requirements were simple: not only did it need to look nice, but it needed to be affordable and available ASAP. All of the buys below are available with Amazon Prime (if you have it) for next day or two to three day delivery, so you should be home office happy by the middle of the week. If you don't have Prime, don't worry – they still have short lead times.

See our pick of the best deals on WFH essentials below.

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1. A roomy desk

If you don't have a dedicated home office then find a corner in your living room, bedroom or spare room to squeeze in a desk. There is only so much you can get done from the sofa, surrounded by notebooks, piles of paper and a precariously balanced laptop. Amazon has desks from less that £50 and while we don't usually encourage fast furniture, when needs must, these are a good option.

Next day* delivery desks with Amazon Prime | Prices from £49.79 on Amazon

Not got time to be too picky about a desk? Amazon have loads of affordable desks for next day delivery so if you need a home office right now, take your pick. (*based on current estimations and availability)View Deal

DlandHome 43inch 3-drawer, computer workstation desk | Now £99.99 + 2–3 day free delivery, on Amazon

If you don't have much space this compact desk is a winner. It could also be used as a dressing table – a great multifunctional piece if working home is only a short term fix. If you order today you will get it by the middle of the week.View Deal

2. A comfortable office chair

We can't stress the importance of a comfy office chair enough. Your neck and back will feel the impact of working on an unsuitable chair for any length of time.

You can see all Amazon office chairs and computer chairs on their site, but we are aware some have not been designed with aesthetics in mind... You don't have to compromised on style for comfort though and we were pleased to find a couple of options that won't just be a quick buy, but a lifetime addition to your home.

Yaheetech Black Adjustable Faux Leather Swivel Office Chair | Only £51.99 on Amazon
We love the Mid-century vibes of this office chair! The price is rather pleasing, too. The height is adjustable and it has casters to help you move comfortably. And, it wouldn't look out of place in your kitchen diner if you need it for extra seating when you entertain post-self isolation.

View Deal

Hbada desk chair | Only £99.99 on Amazon

Finding a chic but comfortable desk chair can be tricky as ergonomically designed often means fugly. So, we were pleased to find this office chair on Amazon. It has a good back, adjustable height and comfy arm rests – plus it is compact and looks the part. It is available with Prime or can arrive in three working days (based on current estimates).View Deal

3. Upgrade your comfort with posture aids

If you already have a desk and chair, but they aren't the comfiest, then you can buy some affordable aides to make them better. View all Amazon office furniture accessories or see our top picks below.

Kensington adjustable foot rest | Only £16.67 on Amazon

If you can't afford a new desk or office chair, you might be able to make your working position more comfortable with a foot rest. Using it will help alleviate pressure on your lower back when sitting for a long time.View Deal

Sanlinkee mesh back support | Only £11.99 on Amazon

Ensure good posture as you work with a mesh back support. Again, this is an affordable option if you current office chair isn't that comfortable.View Deal

4. Stay organised with folders and files

There is no need to go to town on office storage unless WFH is likely to be a longterm thing, but there are a few simple items that can make it easier to work from home now, and then be used for makeup/garage storage later on. Win win.

Woodluv 3 drawer bamboo office tidy | Only £29.99 on Amazon

Even though most of us do work that is largely on computers, everyone has bits of paper, notebooks and stationery that need keeping in check. This won't take up much room on a small desk or shelf, and should keep you tidy until you can go back to work.View Deal

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