This year's Amazon Prime Day best sellers have revealed what we really want from our homes in 2021

The top-selling homes products all have one thing in common

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 A fully automated smart home might sound like a futuristic dream, however, this year's Amazon Prime Day best sellers have proven that reality isn’t as far off as it might seem.

This year home tech buys that can be controlled by little more than your voice has stormed into the online giant’s best-seller list as many of us are looking to retrofit our own automated homes. 

‘What we are seeing for Amazon Prime Day 2021 is just how many people are taking advantage of deals to build a simple smart home system,’ explains Lindsey Davis Editor in Chief of Homes Ecommerce at Real Homes.

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 ‘While it is no surprise that most of the items on the top 50 list for Monday are tech – Amazon having built itself as a tech giant after all – once you sift out the odd vacuum cleaner, laptop and TV, the rest of the list is predominantly what could be described as smart home items.’

Alexa or similar home assistants have become a staple of many modern homes. It is no surprise that the Echo Show 5 (opens in new tab) and Echo Dot (opens in new tab) both popped up in the best-sellers list. However, Lindsey points out that it isn’t just these devices flying off the virtual shelves, but other home devices that can be controlled by these assistants.

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 ‘It is normal for so many of Amazon's proprietary tech products to be on offer for Amazon Prime Day, but what has really stood out for us this year is just how much of the top 50 can be used to create a connected home,’ she adds. ‘So, as well as the Alexa family including the Amazon Fire TV Stick and all of the Echo smart assistants, there have been big sales of products you can control with these, too.’

One of these items is the iRobot Roomba i7+ with Brava Jet M6 robot mop (opens in new tab). Costing upwards of $100, they’re not an impulse buy, but shoppers are filling their baskets with them. The robot vacuum can be controlled by Alexa and other voice assistants. If sales are anything to go by this busy mom’s fantasy buy is fast becoming a home essential

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Amazon Echo Dot

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From cleanliness to home security, The Ring Video Doorbell (opens in new tab) and Ring Floodlight Cam (opens in new tab), are just two of the other smart home buys that are selling like hotcakes on Amazon this year. The Ring devices, which are often sold in a bundle with Echo devices make for an easy smart security system.

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While we still might be a little way off speaking to friends and family via holograms like Marty Mcfly’s future family home in Back to the Future II, is video calling the grandparents on an Alexa really that different?

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Rebecca Knight

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