5 best ways to keep your bedroom cool in a heatwave (tried and tested by us)

We love the sun but we DO NOT love these sticky hot nights – here are our top tips for cooling down your bedroom

5 best ways to keep your bedroom cool in a heatwave (tried and tested by us)
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No, we are not those people who complain about the lack of sunshine all year and then when the heat comes, complain about that too. What we are complaining about however are these hot heatwave evenings. 

According to the Sleep Charity, the ideal sleeping temperature is 16-18°C/ 60-65°F. It is safe to say the mercury has catapulted past that. We don't need to tell you that anything above those temperatures can lead to restless sleep. Waking up in a pool of your own sweat, having to peel the soaked sheets from you in the morning probably did that for you.

Needless to say, we are done with hot nights, if you're wondering how to sleep in the heat, we have tried and tested some of the bests ways to help cool during the heatwave and these are the best ways to keep your bedroom cool.

1. Make a cold water bottle 

Fill up a hot water bottle with cold water and pop it in the fridge before you go to work, you could even put in the freezer for a few hours (DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT, IT WILL POP). Take it to bed with you to keep you cool while you fall asleep. 

The one caveat to this is to avoid using the same hot water bottle in the winter.

'Whilst freezing your hot water bottle can be an effective way to have a better night’s sleep in hot weather, it’s advisable once you’ve done this to no longer use the same water bottle during the winter,' says Rebecca Challinor, Product Specialist at retailer Terrys.

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2. Choose bedding that will keep you cool

Switch up your bedding will help you stay cool in the heatwave. If you are the kind of person that can't sleep without a blanket or duvet no matter how warm (we are that kind of person too) then pick out some cotton bedding. 

Cotton has heat-regulating properties, plus it absorbs moisture fast too, helping to avoid that peeling off of the sheets in the morning thing we talked about earlier. 

Look out for Tencel cotton bed linen like this Simba performance bed linen which is not only sustainable but it offers luxurious comfort and keeps you as cool as possible. 

3. Hang up damp sheets to cool down a room fast

Yes this actually works! It might sound crazy, but try hanging up a damp or even wet sheet near an open window. This will help cool down the temperature of the breeze as to flows into your room – test it out tonight, you will thank us in the morning. 

4. Make your fan work harder 

As we all know, fans don’t cool air down, but they do move air around – which can help with comfort on hot nights. You can boost the fan's action by filling a mixing bowl with some icy water or an ice pack and placing it in front of the fan so it pushes the cooler air around the room instead.

For our pick of the best fans check out our buying guide.

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5. Open windows strategically 

If you aren't blessed with air-con opening windows during the day is a natural approach to trying to keep your home cool - however, you need to be strategic.

Firstly, throughout the day keep your bedroom windows open but your blinds down so the room is dark and cool. Then come evening open the blinds and the windows as well as the door and the windows at the opposite end of your house.

We could get technical talking about passive stack ventilation and the Venturi effect but basically, just ensure that air can flow through your house freely and if you can, safely keep those windows and internal doors open throughout the evening. 

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