Small porch ideas: 10 stylish ways to make the most of your space whatever the size

These small porch ideas prove that no matter how tiny your space you can still go big on style

On the hunt for cute small porch ideas? Well, we have your covered. We can't all have an extra living room stuck on the front of our homes (despite what Instagram would have us believe)  but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of the space and add a ton of curb appeal. 

We have rounded up our fave small porch decor ideas to inspire you to give your outdoor space a bit of a makeover. And if you are after more fall decor for inside your home too, check out our feature. 

1. Decorate a small porch with the seasons

No matter how small your porch, you can always squeeze in some fall decor. With a smaller porch, we would say keep things simple, a scattering of small pumpkins and some orange foliage could be all you need to give the space a fall makeover. If you have seating on your porch, switch out the soft furnishings on that too for some more autumnal hues. 

2. Keep your small porch clutter free

Loving this chic and simple small porch, plus the dog makes it even more inviting! The key to this look is the lack of clutter, making the porch feel more spacious. If you want to add seating to a diddy space just pick a chair that's compact, not too fussy and can be styled in lots of different ways throughout the seasons. Mix in some smaller potted plants that aren't going to overwhelm the space, pick a cute doormat that's not too visually heavy and there you go.

3. Keep the color scheme light in a small porch

It's interior design 101: use lighter colors in a small space, and that can be true of porches too. Using a paler color pallet will disguise the small dimensions of the space, keeping it feeling light and airy. If you want to add a hint of color, stick with muted pastels and add in a few darker colors in your decor for balance and contrast.

4. Make a small porch feel like an extension of your lounge

If your porch is big enough to cope with a few pieces of furniture, just keep those pieces to a minimum. All you need to make your porch feel like an extension of your lounge is some seating and possibly a small table for perching a coffee. A compact swing seat works well in smaller porches because they are off the floor, allowing light to flow around it so it won't look too bulky. Decorate your porch with light but cozy pillows and throws so even if the space does feel a bit crowded, it just adds to the intimate feel. 

5. Soften a small porch with greenery 

If your porch really is just a set of stairs leading up to your front door, greenery is going to be your best bet. Get climbers going up your rails to soften the look and dot an array of potted plants in different sizes on the porch itself. Again, this will disguise the size and make a pretty plain space feel more like an inviting entrance to your home. 

6. Paint your porch to 'expand' the space

Note the painted floor of @timberfields' fab small porch. The grey 'runner' make the space feel bigger as it almost zones it, creating a walkway down the center and edges to add decor. Throw down a doormat too to add some texture to the floor – this cute pumpkin one was actually a DIY job just a stencil and some paint. Check out the full how-to in Katie's highlights over on Instagram. 

7. Layer your doormats to add texture 

Working with a tiny porch? You can always add some interest with your doormats, because why have one when you can have two? Stick with a practical heavy doormat onto but then add something cute and patterned underneath – we love a checked pattern at this time of year, but you can switch it out with the seasons. 

8. Keep things symmetrical 

How ever you decorate your small porch, at whatever time of year, keeping it symmetrical will always make it feel larger. Decorate your steps with potted plants and lanterns; as a general rule, start small at the top and get larger as you go down the stairs to draw out the space.

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Hebe Hatton
Hebe Hatton

Hebe joined the Real Homes team in early 2018 as Staff Writer. As a renter, she is always looking for creative ways to make her flat feel like home. She loves boho and 70's style and is a big fan of Instagram as a source of interiors inspiration.