What to do with pumpkins after Halloween – 7 ways to use up your leftovers

Not sure what to do with pumpkins after Halloween? We have plenty of tips, ideas and recipes so not a scrap goes to waste

What to do with pumpkins after Halloween
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The question on everyone's mind today; what to do with pumpkins after Halloween? This year so many of us have gone all out on Halloween decor to bring some cheer into these... unprecedented times. And it was all well and good buying 37 pumpkins to adorn your front steps, plus the extra munchkins for the window ledges and mantle pieces, but come November 1st what on earth do you now to with your pumpkin patch amount of orange veggies?

Don't worry, we have you covered with some really easy DIYs, tasty recipes and handy tips to use up those leftover pumpkins. Our favorite has got to be the classic pumpkin pie...

1. Make a pumpkin bird feeder

Such a cute and easy pumpkin leftovers idea! Simply cut the top of your pumpkin off to form a bowl shape, stick some twigs or sticks in the side to give the birds a place to perch, use twine to create something to hang your feeder and there you go. Hang it up and check it's secure and then fill with birdseed. 

2. Transform your pumpkins into planters or vases 

Pumpkin flower arrangements

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If your pumpkin has still got enough life in it, use it to create some lovely fall flower displays. Just add some florists foam (or soil if you want to plant up some succulents) and then arrange your flowers. We have a whole guide to creating pumpkin vases so check that out if you want a step by step. 

3. Treat your skin to a fresh face mask

Pumpkins are full of vitamins that are great for your body but are also lovely for your skin – so before you throw out your leftover pumpkin, make a face mask! Scrape out any of the flesh inside and blend to get a puree, then add in 1/2 a tablespoon of honey and 1/2 a tablespoon of milk (you can use an alternative too). Mix it all together, apply to your face and leave for 20 minutes. You'll be glowing like a jack-o-lantern.

4. Feed your pumpkins to your pets 

Did you know pumpkins are great, healthy snacks for your dogs (if they aren' too fussy of course). They are full of vitamins and are a great source of fiber so good for digestion. You could just chop up your leftover pumpkins and give it as an occasional treat, cook it into puree to mix in with their food, you can even freeze the pumpkin cubes for longer-lasting snacks. 

5. DIY a pumpkin spice latte

Sophia Victoria Joy Personalised 'Hello Pumpkin' Latte Stencil

(Image credit: Sophia Victoria Joy)

A pumpkin classic. You might fork out an hour's salary on one from your fave coffee shop but did you know you can make one at home using your leftover pumpkin? We have a really easy pumpkin spiced latte recipe for you to follow – but it's basically just a case of blending together pumpkin puree, maple syrup, cinnamon, coffee and milk. Easy peasy. 

6. Blend it all up into soup 

Pumpkin soup

(Image credit: Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash)

Our go-to for what to do with pumpkins after Halloween is to make a warming soup. It's perfect for cold, drizzling Sunday afternoons and you can freeze it too so there is always some to hand. Check out our easy pumpkin soup recipe for a quick step by step. 

7. Bake a tasty pumpkin loaf

Pumpkin Loaf

(Image credit: ALDI)

And for those with a sweet tooth, pumpkin loaf is another very easy recipe. It has all the flavors you associate with this time of year plus will use up a pumpkin or two. Check out our full pumpkin loaf recipe if you want to give it a go this weekend. 

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